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We have talked about 3D TV a couple of times here on WS in the last year (here and here). Our general opinion is that 3D TV might be cool, but really has some major flaws.

In our past articles, we have talked about the drawbacks of  3D TV – the major ones being the lack of content and the need for annoying glasses.

Gary wearing 3d glasses

Gary wearing 3d glasses

Well, this year at the CES, 3D TV is still being pushed… hard. While last year they were just showing off 3D TV, this year they are trying to tackle the downsides of the idea so they can try to convince the world that 3D TV can be mainstream.

How are they doing this? Well, there are a couple ways.

First, bigger demos. To your left you will see a ridiculous picture of me wearing ridiculous 3D glasses. This picture was taken at the Panasonic 3D TV demo display. It is a huge set of bleachers with about 30 TVs hanging on the wall. As you walk into the exhibit, you are handed a set of 3D glasses and take a seat. Soon a Panasonic rep walks out and starts to give the pitch.

While last year had displays and demos, they were more about showing off the ability to watch 3D TV. This year it’s not. That brings me to the second difference.

The sales pitch this year was about the 3D Content. It’s almost as if they were saying “ok, last year we screwed up because there was no content, so we are going to make up for it this year”. They told us about all the DVD’s and all the content that was coming from satellite providers and another really big one that i couldn’t quite swallow.

3D Camcorders. Yep, just in case you don’t get any broadcasts in 3d or you don’t want to buy 3D content, you can now make your own! Just buy the 3D camcorder and shoot your home videos in 3D so you can watch them in 3D on your 3D TV that you should also buy.

Hmm… Sounds expensive.

So, I think that leads me to the point of this post.

TV makers are not giving up on 3D. By the time they are done with you, you WILL be wearing goofy 3D glasses while watching 3D content bought from your satellite provider / retail store or watching the 3D videos you shot with the 3D camera you bought along with your 3D TV. Got It? NOW GO BUY ONE.

Well, at least that the impression that I got.

Your Thoughts?


18 Responses to “3D TV – Still Here – Still Trying”

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  3. [...] 3D TV – Still Here – Still Trying | Worldstart Blog We have talked about 3D TV a couple of times here on WS in the last year (here and here). Our general opinion is that 3D TV might be cool, but really has some. … Read more: 3D TV – Still Here – Still Trying | Worldstart Blog [...]

  4. Gary G says:

    I agree that there will be a big marketing push, but what I was curious about and didn’t see anything mentioned in your latest post was the QUALITY of the experience, if you put on the goofy glasses and watch on the expensive new toy.

    If the picture and sound quality is not there, I’ll wait a few more years, until they either give up on it, or get it right. If the picture and sound quality is noteworthy, I’ll go take a look for myself and decide.

    You were there to see and hear it, Gary, what did you think?

    • Gary says:

      The quality was OK when the glasses worked. The worst thing about the whole experience is that the glasses are powered and use a “open and close” shutter effect to create the 3d look. When i first sat down and started watching, the glasses weren’t working. i had to shut them off then turn them back on to get them working. after that it mostly worked fine. occasionally, there would be a second where the shutters would stop working, but they would kick back on.

      The 3d effect was good on video that was made in 3d in the first place. they could actually make things come flying at you and truly make things appear as if they were outside the TV.

      video that was converted to 3d was not as good. we watched a clip of Avatar and I wasn’t really impressed. i felt like benefits of the 3d did not outweigh the need to wear the glasses.

      If you ever get a chance to try a 3D TV, I would recommend taking a look. Some of the effects can be great. it’s just that the cost and the inconvenience of glasses ruins it.

  5. Gary Parsons says:

    Many years ago I bought a box that came with two glasses that enabled me to watch television programs In 3D. I believe the unit was called Real Eyes. I still have It and It really looked great while watching television. Of course, that was many years ago. Maybe I will get It out and hook It up again and see how It compairs to todays 3D.

  6. Joyce Jackson says:

    In short, they are not worth a …….!

  7. Richard Manjoney says:

    The more I read about 3D, the more turned off I am. The need to wear 3D glasses is a huge turnoff as is the added expense involved. I have absolutely no intention of buying a 3D TV and the manufacturers would be wise to offer wanted improvements.

  8. Eric Schwenn says:

    Looks like just another step up the stairway to the home holodeck. We have to catch up with science fiction and change it to science fact. I won’t see it, but my grandchildren might.

  9. Cherie Fruge says:

    I have no intention of buying it either. Having access to the latest technology is not neccessarily a good thing…

  10. Glasses less 3D tv is under development and coming. I will wait until then to give judgement.

  11. Ralph Marshall says:

    I’ll bet money that 3d tv will be a big flop. People are sick of having to buy a new tv every year just to keep up with the engineers AND I’m not about to have to wear glasses to watch tv. Any takers?

  12. Chuck says:

    Lets see now, first I have to buy a 3D tv and then I need to get special glasses and then I also need a 3D receiver, right? I think real progress would to receive 3D on our present TV’s. But of course that won’t happen as the excs would not get there big bonuses at years end. I remember 3D movies and just how long did they last and zapppppp, they were gone.

  13. I’d almost rather see them use a helmet which included 3D image, surround sound, and everything else. Probably cool for gamers in FPS episodes, but for TV…that wast wasteland of drivel? Sure, it can be done, but it isn’t worth the cost or hassle. And does the 3D effect really add that much to the experience? Artists have painted pictures in 2D for centuries, and there isn’t any lessening of the experience. Totally unnecessary & unwanted.

  14. Muttwerx says:

    Since buying a 50″ Panasonic plasma TV 3 years ago I have foolishly embraced the whole HD concept.
    Yup you guessed it I went out and bought A Panasonic HD Video camera that not only records in 1080p but also in 5.1 surround sound (it looks like the same model that is pictured above only without the stereoscopic lenses mounted on the front).
    Then I realized I am going to need some good software to edit the video. Oh yeah! before I do that I should upgrade my graphics card and Ram, obviously the file sizes are going to be huge so I need more hard drive space and then I’m going to need a Blu-ray burner so that I can burn files larger than 8 gigs. The list does not stop there unfortunately!
    Am I ready for another shift in technology? Sort of, I think! but not 3D as it stands today, for one, I can’t afford it, other reasons are lack of good content and ease of use ie; glasses!
    By this time next year most of the hardware That I purchased will probably cost half as much, but, that is the price for trying to stay current, I, like most people have only so much money to spare on these frivolities and I have come to realize a little too late that jumping on the bandwagon usually ends up costing you a hefty fare! LOL.

  15. Evelyn says:

    I don’t think I will ever be a fan of 3D TV. I guess it has a lot to do with never being able to just sit and watch any program from first to last. Too many I wants and a dog too. :-)

  16. David Hutt says:

    I have not bought blueray nor do I intend to. I do intend to buy 3d about the same time as I buy blueray, sometime after hell freezes over.

  17. Beverly Asselin says:

    My husband and I bought a 3D Panasonic t.v. and 3D Blu-ray player. I love the movies in 3D. The downside to this is the glasses. They are too expensive. We did get a deal when buying the t.v. and player though…two pair of glasses and Avatar in 3D with a Panasonic $400 discount through totally $1181 for all. I went to E-Bay and bought two more pair of glasses @ $95 each. I don’t know about all satellite systems but DirecTv has some 3D shows. We are hoping there are more 3D movies and sports shows to come. Otherwise it makes a great ordinary television and blu-ray player. I do not feel we are out too much money for the 3D aspect of it.

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