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Apple has done it again. Yesterday, in a room so full of superiority you’d need a chainsaw to cut through it, they rolled out a bunch of new crap. I say crap only because I didn’t really care about most of it, with the exception of the new iTunes 10. iTunes 10 includes something that really peaked my interest: Ping. To sum it up, Ping is essentially a Facebook for music. I was pretty excited about this, and so I waited patiently for iTunes 10 to be available for download.

12:03 AM
I’m tired, about to sleep, but I decide to check one last time, just to see if 10 is available for download. It is, finally! I download it, install it, restart the computer. Didn’t take long, maybe 15 minutes total from start to finish.

12:19 AM
Ah, iTunes 10, freshly installed on my computer. It looks nice, very sleek. And there it is, the “Ping” button, just below the iTunes Store button. I click it, and wait for the world of social music to explode onto my computer screen. “Enter your Apple ID and password.” Ah, no problem, so I put one together in just a few minutes. Excellent, now I”m ready to roll. “Your Apple ID has not used the iTunes Store before, please review your information.” Uh, ok? I was planning on using Ping, not the store. I go ahead and click Review. “Please read our terms and conditions.” Check. “Please enter your billing information, including credit card and billing address.” Whaaat? Wait a minute, I’m not buying anything now. I just want to access Ping! I’m itching to write some album reviews and share them with friends. Ugh, whatever, I’ll probably buy some music anyway. I enter my information.

12:45 AM
“The billing information is incorrect. It does not match the information your bank has on record.” This has become the anthem of my night. I check my card number, exp. date, security code… multiple times. Check. Check. Check….

I use variations of my address. Both my address when my card was first issued, and my current one. I even have a bank statement in front of me. I make sure I have the same zip code. Same message, over and over. My this time I’m frustrated. I want to get some decent rest. Ohio State has their season opener tomorrow night after all, and I want to be well rested for that (oh, and work too I guess).

Now, I realize that I’m most likely still entering something wrong. For some reason there are about 50 ways to write up an address, and you need to get it just right to work. Go to the bank, get the right one confirmed… no big deal. No, the big deal is why in the hell Apple wants my credit card BEFORE I decide to make any purchases. In fact, my original plan was to use Ping only, and not really buy any music (never had card problems with Amazon MP3, by the way). The way they are approaching things, it’s similar to me walking into Best Buy and the guy at the front requiring me to swipe my credit card before I can even look at anything. Maybe it’s just me, but this hardly makes sense? Am I right?


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42 Responses to “Another Rotten Apple”

  1. Winnifred T Williams says:

    Reminds me of the lady who tried to buy either the I-Pad or the new IPhone (I forget which) with cash and they refused!!!!

    • Dwight says:

      Holy Crap ! I think Gate’s is going a little bit ansty . They can charge you for anything without even giving you a choice . Wait a minute ! They already did that on the last iTune .

  2. Julianne says:

    Barnes and Noble has something similar. I received an email to download FREE!!! ebooks. I love books, and these were classics. I’d love to read ‘em again. Only B&N wanted my CC info, including security code, before I could even go look at the freebies. I backed out of there and headed over to Project Gutenberg!

  3. Carol says:

    Yes, you’re right.

  4. lyn says:

    You are absolutely correct. When I decide to buy, then they can have my number. I’ve done some shopping on line and if they ask the numbers up front, I nuke them out. I don’t want to have to fight them later because without knowing…. the small print says I have to pay $89.90 per month. The guy on TV right now who is going to send you his FREE GREEN BOOKS. I finally got on his web site to see what he was talking about, I’m just nosy, well in a very pastel print at the bottom says if you don’t respond in 5 days you account will be bill $89.99. But is it FREE.

  5. Richard Manjoney says:

    I just read your Blog and it brought back memories. I was in the market for a new car and was interested in
    a top-of-the-line Suburu. I hadn’t seen one up close and went to a car dealer to look over a planned purchase.
    As soon as I walked in the door, a young fellow came up to me and wanted to know my name and address.
    I thought that was kind of strange but I gave it to him. Then, he wanted to know if I was going to trade in a car.
    I told him no. then , he wanted to know if I planned on taking out a loan to pay for the car it or was it to be cash.
    i hadn’t even seen the car yet and he wanted to know how I was going to pay for it! At that point I blew up to the point
    where the manager came over and I let him have it too. I walked out never to return.

  6. John says:

    Can you sign up using just an iTunes gift card? I don’t give my daughters a credit card. But I will purchase, and they purchase from time to time an iTunes gift card. So, they have their own iTunes account for their iPod, and can buy from the store using the iTunes card. I wonder if you can delete all references to a credit card and sign up that way?

  7. Cherie Fruge says:

    I agree. That is why I don’t do apple at all. Solves the problem BEFORE it becomes one…

  8. Roy Leggett says:

    Apple just blew it. They have screwed up so much. I will not visit that web site until they get it right. Unless I’m buying I refuse to give them my card info.

  9. Dwight says:

    They ask for your card , but you don’t have to give it to them . It seems that this is going to be the ” thing ” now . Get they’re credit cards before they buy . That way , they can charge the hell out of us . Without even saying ” no ” to that . And when you get your statement , they will add on this this and that . When you call them , they say , ” that is included , and read your receipt , paragraph 3 , line 357 , such , and such …..” . Welcome to OBAMAMANIA !!!

    • Deveron says:

      Oh good grief! Right blame President Obama, heaven forbid you should blame the merchants of Credit Card companies. I just so wish everyone would just get a grip.

    • Pat says:

      How the hell do you equate this to Obama???

    • Donna says:

      How in the world can you justify blaming the President of the U.S. for anything that iTunes or any other website does? It’s preposterous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • B. K. says:

        That was sarcasm, folks. Everyone is blaming Obama for things he had nothing to do with and Deveron was just being ironic and sarcastic. Sheesh!

  10. John J Komer says:

    I did the same thing you did to check Ping. I would not give them my credit card unless I want to buy something. What an arrogant company Apple has become. You buy something then they come out with a better product a little later and do not give you a refund or let you exchange it for the newer and improvred version. I’ve had it with Apple and I Tunes. Amazon will do just fine for me!

  11. Calvin says:

    Not to worry here is the solution to use. do not use or buy anything from apple just boycot them and spread the wrokd about apple wanting your creidt information in advance that to me is a red flag about them , i woul;d spread the word and boycots do work. in fact i would tell apple to put it where the sun dont shine.

  12. Kat says:

    A little off topic….but not to far off. I looked at my cell phone bill and saw a .99 charge from Musicphone, Inc. Never heard of the company, but somehow they heard of me. I call my wireless company and asked for the number I called to get to that company. Att wireless said it was not a phone number that was used, but a series of numbers, like pin or code number to possibly download a ringtone. I would have had to punch these numbers into my phone and be in front of a speaker at the same time to get the ringtone. I am old….this would never happen. LOL So I was credited the .99, thank goodness, now maybe I can buy an ice cream cone…when I come up with another few dolloars. LOL Anyway, anyone who uses Att for their wireless, be wary of these little charges. I am going to call back Att and ask that they do NOT pay this company one red cent as I did not use there service. Just let them try and get it from me!

    • Aldebaran says:

      It’s not just AT&T, Verizon does the same thing! I scan my bill each and every month for little variations like this and tend to find one every few months. The first time it was for a charge for some call (which I never made) billed through a third party company; next it was for a three-way call (to the DMV, of all places), also bogus. Be careful people….they’ll dime and dollar you to death!!

  13. Kat says:

    Oh, one more thing….Att offered to place “parental controls” on my phone to prevent any further purchases through the phone. I had them do that, even though I am wayyyyyyyy past having kids around.

  14. Nancy says:

    Agree with the posters as it seems now anything you want to try before buying they ask you for your credit card. I have had numerous problems especially for downloading games. Needless to say as Cherie said, I don’t do apple or any downloaded games anymore. I even had to contact the game site to stop charging a monthly fee I wasn’t aware of. That must of been in the fine print I didn’t see. What a time I had cancelling that. Everyone is out to make money and we really have to be careful as we all are finding out who you give your information to. Reinstate try before you buy policies, no credit card required.

    • Kat says:

      I had a smilar problem with a game download site. I thought the total amount was $6.99 and it turned out to be $6.99 a month for a year. Way too much to pay for games. I did get them to cancel out, but was on the hook for the first $6.99 charge. They said I could play out the month and use up the $6.99, but the account had been closed by them and I could not even use that.

  15. L A Graham says:

    Guess that’s why I keep a PayPal account – and do NOT do business with either Apple or iTunes.

  16. PStreur says:

    If you were in the advertising business, a graphic designer, or just a plain old mechanical engineer like me, you would appreciate what those Apples did for simplification of those chores. Designing on an Apple computer was a breeze before they found out how to design a PC to do something similar without layered programs.
    I believe the Apple folks needed new products to stay alive, but they should have expanded on thier real forte’ – ‘simple to operate’ desktops and laptops.

  17. DKC says:

    Guess what! This isn’t limited to online sites. I went to a hotel recently and was asked for a credit card (AFTER I had prepaid for the room) so they could charge me in advance, just in case I wanted any amenities. By the way, at this hotel, other than room service, the amenities were free. Since when do we pay for something we do NOT order or want, and then wait to be reimbursed? What has happened to America?

  18. Lucie says:

    I agree with LA Graham. I use pay pal and what ever I want if there is no PayPal
    I don’t get. I also don’t like iTunes.

  19. Ernie says:

    I don’t like apple at all!!! I also don’t buy any music from anyone on line.
    If I want music I copy it off the radio. The kind of music I like is hard to come by because of my age you don’t hear it anymore.
    The music today I don’t care for at all!!!

  20. Jack says:

    This is why I won’t even get “free” music from Apple. They require a credit card. I’ve had people claiming to be from Apple swear up and down that it’s not required, that one can somehow bypass entering credit card info. Apple failure.

  21. Carol says:

    I use a pre-paid card. I buy the amount I need.It cost $4.95.Use it for what I want to buy and toss it.No interest,no non-approved use.Use it once and throw it away.

  22. Don says:

    Exactly why I don’t use Apple product and probably never will.

  23. Geoff says:

    I use iTunes for the music which works all right. But then I got a notice that there is an upgrade to version 10, so naturally I upgraded. The problem is that now my Microsoft Outlook 2000 doesn’t open!!! That’a a big problem for me. I’ve searched on the web for itunes 10 problems with outlook 2000. None of the fixes I found work. Not only that but on one of the forums I found another person was having the same problem. He contacted Apple and the tech there said “it’s a microsoft problem and they need to fix it”. Are you s#!@ting me. My Outlook has been working for 10 years with no problems and with one iTunes update it won’t work anymore. As far as I’m concerned Apple Sucks!!! I never liked Apple that much and now it’s even less. Still looking for a FIX!!!

    • Kat says:

      Have you tried doing a “system restore” to before you did the upgrade. That should solve your problem.

  24. Christopher Bleasdale says:

    Outside of wanting a Mac pro (and Quicktime) for high end graphic work,I have no use for any of Apples other toys (Time wasters!), they are too proprietorial!
    My mp3 player is an 8 gig Zune that was approximately a hundred dollars cheaper than the 8 gig IPod and the Zune included more features.
    Sorry but I just want to listen to music and I don’t care that I am bucking the trend! Consumers have become so engrossed in the status of owning the latest big thing, many fail to look at the overall value for their dollar.
    Now it seems that Apple has changed it’s focus from the professionals to the everyday consumer and trying to heavy handedly cash in on it’s once revered status, offer realistic prices and maybe I’ll start buying Apple!

  25. Philip says:

    Forget about using ITunes. Go to and listen to all the free music that you want. You can not download it. It is music search engine.
    Hope yall check it out! I love my radio tuna!

  26. Sue says:

    When it comes to the extra charges–Verizon does it too. My mother, who is 75, got charged for ringtones and ringbacks. Kudos to her for spotting it and getting money back. They put parental controls on her phone, too. Might be the best way to eliminate any extra charges–get parental controls up front.

  27. WayneW says:

    Frostwire ( IS compatible with itunes.

  28. Linda P says:

    This has happened to me on several websites. Of course, I immediately decide I do NOT want to do business with them. It reminds me of a time recently when I was on the phone with a car salesman who had found “just the car” I had been looking for. He gave me the price, and the mileage. When I expressed outrage that he was asking so much for a car with over 80,000 miles, he said, “Well, I might be able to discount it since it does have so many miles.” I asked him how much he could discount it. He kept asking how much I wanted to pay per month. I kept telling him that I would be paying cash. But he kept saying, “If you weren’t paying cash, how much would you want to pay a month?” He NEVER told me how much the price of the car would be with the “discount”. I told him that I don’t play those games and GOODBYE! What kind of idiot did he think he was talking to?

    • Kat says:

      I was at a car dealer some years ago and asked the young salesman, not too far from my age at the time, a question about the interest rate. He said to me, when you get home, your husband can explain that to you. My husband was sitting right next to me and the salesman was directing all his conversation to him. Guess what? I immediately got up and walked out the door, my husband followed. I bet the salesman to this day did not realize what he did. Never mind the fact that I had been working in banking for most of my career, and what he was saying about the interest rate was incorrect. I had done my research before I went in the dealership. I guess I just look stupid. LOL

  29. Gale J says:

    I’ve had Verizon service for probably over 15 years now, it seemed pretty good when I first got it but have noticed more and more that when I go into a Verizon store that the salesmen consistently deceive or flat out lie to the customers. Recently I bought a new Verizon cell and I was told if I bought their in store insurance that if I ever had a problem with my cell that I could bring the bad cell back to the Verizon store and get a new cell right there on the spot! So of course I bought the higher insurance based on that fact. Then I had a problem with my cell and it needed replaced so I went back to the store to get my new cell as I was told I’d be able to do! Guess what? No such luck! The Verizon salesman flat out lied to me to make the higher sale, I had to make a claim for the new cell and wait till it came by mail and then send my old one back thru UPS. Which was the hassle I thought I was avoiding buying this higher insurance I was offered!
    Just the other day I went into Verizon looking to get a better internet set up for my home computer and they offered me this MiFi device and told me it was and I quote! Virtually unlimited, that I could never go over! Well come to find out it wasn’t any different then the plan I already had that I was limited to 5 gigs! Well I hate to tell everyone but 5 gigs is a far cry from being unlimited and Verizon charges a huge fortune when you go over that 5 gigs too! I took the device directly back to the Verizon store and made them return it. Again they tried to tell me the 5 gigs was “Virtually unlimited that I’d never go over it! Only thing is I had already gone over it with my older device and as I said it cost my a huge fortune for it too! I told the salesman in a loud voice so that everyone in the store could hear! Don’t tell me this device is virtually unlimited when it’s not and I know it’s not since I’ve already gone over the 5 gigs in my old plan that cost me a fortune! Your doing nothing but deceiving people and 5 gigs is a far cry from being unlimited! If you do the math, 5 gigs is equivalent to roughly 10 hours a day of usage for a 30 day month. Now this MiFi device allows you to hook up to 5 computers! Which if you do have 5 computers running on it you have to share those 10 hours between all those computers. So that only gives you 2 hours a piece to share each. I personally don’t call that anywhere near Virtually unlimited or any other kind of unlimited either! So beware of the Verizon Salesmen and listen very closely to what their saying. Then I’d double check with Verizon itself that any comments given by the salesman is actually correct before ever buying a thing again from any Verizon salesman, no matter what your buying there!
    Now with Apple/iTunes! Problem I have with itunes is usually downloading any of their upgrades. Everytime I get a automatic upgrade it never installs saying my older version can’t be removed. Then unless you have a new device Apple tries to get you to buy their insurance to get any help with their upgrade. Which I refuse to do! Fortunately I figured out how to delete all the old Apple/iTunes programs first and then I can get the new upgrades to download just fine. But if I didn’t already have 2 ipods to use I’d tell Apple/iTunes to stick it like so many others have also mentioned they do. I won’t be buying any more Apple products due to these reasons either and once my ipods wear out or break! I’m done with Apple/iTunes for good!

  30. Susanne says:

    Ugh Apple is obnoxious and their store more so. You go there and each time it seems there is a different routine sign in, don’t sign in and wait for some person to decide you are worthy of assisting. I love Apple products but going to the store or the arrogance they project is ridiculous. People are putting out big chunks of change for their products so they should really get there act together in every way and treat the customers that made them with more respect.

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