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So, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll start out by explaining what the heck I’m talking about.

Recently, it seems like everything is in 3D. Have you noticed? There are 3D movies, 3D TV shows, 3D Sports broadcasts etc. Well, that’s all well and good, but there’s one problem with this whole thing.

In order to watch 3D content in your home, you need a TV that supports it.

That’s right. Just after you thought you were done upgrading all of your TVs to support HD, something new comes out.

These 3D TVs are the new thing, and according to the tech news and TV production companies, it’s here to stay.

Well, I think its stupid. (Yeah, I just came out and said it).

Are you kidding me? I do not want to have to wear special 3d glasses to watch TV. Plus, I already wear prescription glasses, how am I supposed to wear 3d glasses and be able to see the TV at the same time?

Now, that I’ve explained and griped, let me get to the rest.

I have a conspiracy theory and I think it’s a good one. Doesn’t it seem a little convenient that once HD TV sales begin to saturate the market, the TV manufacturers come up with a new reason for you to buy a TV? Personally, I don’t completely understand why it requires a special TV to display 3D content. Can’t they just broadcast it in 3d and then you can just wear the glasses to make it work?

Now, I’m sure there is some very technical reason for having to get a “3d enabled” TV, but don’t you think there should be a way to work around that? One that, I don’t know, doesn’t require you to buy a new tv for over $1000?

Plus, I cannot be convinced that over the next few years, everyone will be sitting around their TVs wearing nerdy 3d glasses to watch Football. Just picture that for a minute. A room full of people watching the big game, all wearing special 3d glasses that they brought from home. LOL.

So, what do you think? Is 3DTV just a fad? Is it just a way to keep TV makers’ profits soaring? Or, is it here to stay?


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53 Responses to “3D TV – Just A Fad?”

  1. Jill GRay says:

    I TOTALLY agree. Just another gimmick. Has been around in the theaters though since I was a kid. (I am 68). If at all, belongs in the theater not for home viewing.

    • JOHN says:

      Hi Jill, I agree with both of you … for the most part. However, for me especially, the timing for 3-D TV’s introduction is totally wrong! My HDTV is still is still fairly new. In this economic situation, I have to carefully select an item and hope that my purchase will last for 5-10 years. Beyond that, I would consider buying whatever is popular at the time for the `right’ price.

  2. Kathy says:

    First I don’t own an HD TV, not a priority in my life right now and I don’t get 3D and see no need for it. But IF they came up with a way to do it without the glasses then I MIGHT consider it if the money was worth wasting. This comment from somebody who is stuck living with somebody else until she can find a way out.

    • Evelyn says:

      lol Kathy, I own a HDTV and to me it is no different than my old ones. As far as 3D TV I have to say it is for the younger generation as they have no imagination. We who are old enough to vote see what we want to see in 3D without special glasses. TV isn’t one of the things that occupy my time.

  3. Cherie Fruge says:

    I’m with you on this one. We have an HD TV that I don’t want to get rid of…

  4. Poolfarms1910 says:

    I do not have a HD TV and I am not wearing special glasses to watch 3D. I might up grade TV in near future because I am watch more tv shows on my computer and it is getting crowded in my home office with the family. So an upgrade to HD TV to plug my laptop into to watch Burn Notice may be the thing to do but not any time soon while I still have a good TV. Why buy when what you have works just because the industry says to.

    • Evelyn says:

      ooowwwww….Burn Notice….one of my favorites. As I stated above….I have HDTV and still watch only the shows I like and really don’t care all that much about watching old shows that I had to watch over and over years ago.

  5. Doral says:

    I’m not about to spend a nickle on another tv. We have an HD TV plus thre ordinary TVs and I’d like to get rid of all of them. Why don’t I? I’m married and my wife won’t let me.

    • Evelyn says:

      Come on Doral….your wife wont let you. Hard to believe any man would admit his wife is the boss.

  6. Eric says:

    I wasn’t that impressed when I saw the first 3D movie in the theater, and you’re right, those glasses are a big pain. To me the biggest improvement in TV’s, was the replacement of CRT with LCD etc. HD is nice, but nothing spectacular. Since I very seldom give my full attention to any TV program, neither HD, and certainly not 3D, would add anything to my viewing pleasure. Advancements in technology seem to offer a never ending amount of upgrades, and it’s up to the consumer to decide which ones are vital to their existence. My opinion is that the 3D craze is just a fad, just as the movies were. But the, who knows what the future of home entertainment will be?

    • Evelyn says:

      You are so right Eric. You make a very good point about “advancement in technology”. I have no desire to wear glasses to watch TV. I have to wear them for the computer and if I am going to spend big bucks on something it will be when someone comes out with a super computer and one that is fool proof. Hey !!!! I have my dreams. lol ;-)

  7. Gary D says:

    I’m with you. There’s no reason to have to watch 3D TV on a special TV. All they have to do is record their shows with a 3D camera, and show it on TV, and have us wear 3D glasses. There’s an Internet program called Safari TV. It’s a live broadcast from a game reserve in South Africa shown twice a day 3 hours each time, 7 days a week. They already record in 3D, but need to set up their website to broadcast in 3D. They have a YouTube channel that you can go to where you can watch their Safari Diaries in 3D now.

    As for folks like me that wear glasses to use the computer, I just bought clip-on 3D glass.

  8. Chuck says:

    I agree and I will NOT buy another TV. I have HD and that is all I need. I reembeer 3-D movies and we saw how long that lasted.

    • Evelyn says:

      I think I saw one movie in 3 D and maybe I was not old enough to appreciate it but all I could think about was the paper glasses sliding down and scratching my nose. My mother was manager of a movie house and that is how I got the pleasure of watching 3D which I wasn’t impressed then and doubt I would be impressed now.

  9. Gino says:

    3D Has been around for years Late fifty’s early sixty’s, I didn’t like then & still don’t. I do have HD and all the fixen’s that go with it (surrend & all )
    wouldn’t be without it,But that’s.

  10. Jerry says:

    I agree I will not buy another TV Just to watch 3-D Movies. I already have a big screen TV and it is HD Compatibility.

  11. corkys dad says:

    Nada, niet, no, hell no, never will I wear glasses to watch TV and I agree with Doral above. NOT A NICKLE

  12. GPappy says:

    Additionally you only get 2 pairs of glasses with the TV and it is $300.00 for each additional 2 pair of glasses. The glasses also require batteries! I think you are right it is a FAD and ridiculous.

    • Evelyn says:

      Are you kidding, GPappy? One thing is the $3oo for replacements or if you have more than 2 people living in one house but to put something with batteries near my eyes or hanging around my head….I don’t think so. Wouldn’t let my kids or grandkids wear them. If I can remember correctly the movie 3D glasses were made of cardboard with plastic lens and you took them home with you after the show. Why do they have to have batteries? The only reason I am even bringing this up is to warn others that think they cannot live without 3D. Even cell phones let you talk without putting the battery up near your eyes and people with pace makers have to have anything with batteries so far from their heart. WOW !!! TV people better think twice about these glasses they are going to let go with the 3D TVs.

  13. Pat says:

    Right on on this one Gary. I have an HDTV and that’s it for me.

  14. Douglas says:

    I totally agree, but I also think everyone is missing the fact that it’s not really 3D to start with, but simulated 3D be cause you can’t have true 3D
    on a 2D surface.

  15. TOM BOYLEN says:


    • Evelyn says:

      Not everybody has to keep up with the Joneses, Tom. It is only the ones that can’t afford what the Joneses have that have to show they can have it too and that is why we have so many that are in such debt that they have to have the government step in and buy them….not help them….buy them. The sad thing is they don’t realize what the government is doing to them.

  16. WAYNE A says:

    We have a satellite dish and a non HD TV. We get a perfect picture. How can you improve on that. I see no way and no reason to upgrade to 3D or even HD.

    • Evelyn says:

      Right on, Wayne. My HDTV was given to me as a Christmas present. Boy !!!! Did I think I had something….to my surprise it had only extra programs and those programs I was getting on my cable anyway and it sure didn’t make my picture any better than I was getting on my old TV’s. And my dog would probably think the 3D glasses was one of his toys and eat them anyway. :-)

  17. Ralph Tamm says:

    Hey, that’s how we advance in this world – keep the new stuff coming. If we don’t want it, don’t buy it – simple

  18. Evelyn says:

    Ralph…..3D isn’t new….it is like some of the programs that is going to happen this coming winter….new players, old programs. Didn’t you read any of the upper blogs? We are not advancing we are picking up something old and making the young minds think it is new because they were just a thought in their parents mind at the time 3D was introduced. By the way, how do you consider the world is advancing when the people who are suppose to be brains keep coming up with old stuff. But….you are right in one thing…..I know if I don’t want it, I don’t buy it because usually in this day and time I have been there and done that or done it and didn’t like it.

    • Diana says:

      I remember those 3-d paper glasses. I went to one 3-d movie and that was it. Was not my cup of tea. 3-d is over 50 yrs. old. Anyway, my daughter bought me a 27″ Phillips TV for Christmas a few years ago and that thing gets the best picture. Just as good as any HDTV. It is so crystal clear. Although I do see a difference when I’m at my sister’s and she switches from regular TV to HDTV. On her TV, the picture is very sharp with the HD. But I would put my Phillips up against hers any day. I don’t know how many of you remember “The Jetsons”. That cartoonist was way ahead of his time. Slowly but surely we are getting there. I was hoping I would see a flying vehicle in my lifetime, but I’m afraid that won’t happen. lol or will it? I’m only 63.

  19. Irenkè says:

    When are we going to get smell-a-vision? I heard they are working on that now. After that people will communicate with Holograms. And then, eventually, we will be able to do time travel. We already have cars that can fly. How ’bout that!

    • Evelyn says:

      Oh goodie…..another dreamer….lol If I am not mistaken smell-o-vision came out in one movie years ago and it didn’t make the grade. People were still went back watching more TV than paying to go to the movies. Although the movie house was full that night but the credits were not good.

      • Irenkè says:

        You are right about that. I remember that they did try smell-o-vision in the theater quite some time ago and like you said, it was a flop. I think at one time they even tried doing things to the seats in the theater to make the horror movie more intense to the audience which didn’t go over good either.

        I also remember using the paper eyeglasses and seeing a 3D movie demonstrated in the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. Wow, thinking back that far is making me feel a little old .:).

  20. Dave says:

    A few years ago 3D tv was available on your plain old tv by making a few adjustments to your video settings. The quality was excellent and the picture depth was incredible although the resulting headache was not a real treat. I also got headaches from the 3d movies of the late 50′s. I can’t therefore imagine in my wildest nightmare paying 5 cents for a 3d tv.

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  22. Robert Provencal says:

    Like anything else in this country it is a way to keep people buying to keep businesse’s profits “UP”

    • Evelyn says:

      YEP !!!!! Buy it, don’t like it but have to keep it because it cost too much to throw away. Maybe you can watch 3D without the glasses and still be able to see Burn Notice. roflol

      • Mike says:

        I think its interesting that they have these fancy 3-D tvs but yet, as a few people mentioned previously, all they have to do is broadcast in 3-D. My wife and I have an old crt 26″ tv and when an episode of chuck season 2 I think, came on it was IN 3-D! So … umm what about these stupid glasses? I remember them and hated them then and still do. I say its a waste of money and effort. I really don’t see a reason to upgrade to HD let alone 3-D. Thats me and wifey though.

  23. Monty5 says:

    I don’t know if it is a fad. Certainly I think the industry will start to take a new direction. People don’t want to pay $200 for a single pair of 3D glasses which only work on the corresponding TV, and a lot of manufacturers (Sony, Samsung etc.) are looking into moving into the passive technology market. When you consider that you can now get a $30 pair of Polaroids that will give you good quality vision and work with any screen that used RealD technology (and also don’t look ridiculous) it seems silly that 3D will stay with active shutter technology. In my opinion 3D is not a fad, but is likely to change a lot in the coming months and years.

  24. LeRoy says:

    I go back to the days before tv. When it finally arrived, you bought a set, put up an antennea and if you were lucky, got a few channels depending on your location. Commercials were every 15 minutes, 2 or 3 of them. Programing was good for the times, tv was something new and our expectations weren’t all that high. As tv became movie quality we paid by seeing more commercials and when we began wanting more of a variety we got cable companies and satellites and free viewing became a thing of the past. Our demands for what we wanted to see and how we wanted to see it shoved the prices of the tv sets and everything assocciated with them to a level that only the moderatly wealthy can afford and that doesn’t include me. So I say, take that 3D TV and shove it. I’m still happy with my 40″ HD tv and doubt anything will come along make me change.

  25. Webbie says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on all counts. It’s just nuts! I won’t be buying 3DTV!

  26. Ernie says:

    I agree with all the reply’s. I will not buy a 3D TV I too think it’s a fad!
    I think I seen about 4 or 5 3D movies way back when.
    I have an HD TV & I can see some inprovement’s in the pictures even more so if a close up is done on a person face.

  27. Dwight says:

    Boy , one person have to say one thing to everybody , right Evelyn ? First , 3D tv’s are ” new ” , the 3D IS NOT . There is a difference . With that said , why would you buy a brand new shiny TV in HD when the cable and satellite are still broadcasting in the old way ? If you don’t have that , buy the new rabbit ears will get the picture for you . It’s not like the HD is anything special anyways , the only reason they did that for the China TV makers to make more money from us . Or , Japan , Korea , anybody but the U.S. . How many TV’s are made in this country anyways ? I don’t think that the 3D isn’t a fad , but they are going to make it so that you don’t need the glasses either . They have a glass that is less than the depth of a dime , but stronger then Plex-i-glass . They are using for cell phones right now , are it’s to be a better picture than the old glass . And , Apple bought into that too , and they are thinking about using it in the new computers , but , the cost of making that glass is high right now . That’s he reason for the cost of the new cell phones are so high too . Well , part of it anyways . So , I think it’s here to stay , it’s only how long before the glasses are done .

    • Evelyn says:

      WOW……what a mouth full, Dwight. Sure glad I read this one. I hope everyone reads it. You said in one paragraph what all the posting has been about. I do come in here to post but most of the time several people have already expressed my opinion and I do love to talk so I just type my talking. I wish others would do the same. If I offended you, Dwight, I didn’t mean to. I am one of those irritating people that is just too out spoken.

  28. Joe says:

    I won’t pay $12 to go see a 3D movie in the theatre and I don’t own a HD or 3D TV, but I do own a pair of 3D glasses that are hard framed, not paper and work on any TV no matter the technology

  29. Jennifer Eidson says:

    I think that 3 d TV is just a fad. I really don’t think htt I will be buying a 3-d TV anytime soon.

  30. Cathy says:

    This is a fad. It like every year the computer companies come out with a new version. So you can spend more of your hard earned money. You never here of the TV companys or computer companies having contests so we could win a free TV or computer. Some people will buy into this idea of 3D TV.
    I will not.

  31. Evelyn says:

    Here is my second Post for WorldStart Blog Home…..lets see if anyone will answer it. I agree with some in here about 3d TV and I also disagree with some in here about 3D TV. Dwight was right about one thing 3D in TV is new but , Dwight, the consept itself is not new.

    Does anyone agree that it is nice to see someone read your Blog?

    • Mike says:

      Yep, I do agree. Its a shame that there pushing the 3-D tvs. It was said earlier and reiterated, that they CAN broadcast in 3-D now. I watched an episode of Chuck season 2 not long ago on our old 26″ crt tv and it was broadcasted in 3-D. It was a little painful at first, getting use to the strange lines and shadows, but I watched it with/out the glasses. I remember making my own 3-D glasses as a science project when I was a kid. Not hard to do … well for the then current tech. Anywho, Thats me and wifey, we are not “downgrading” our budget or lively hood to buy into this “new wave” tech. We’re not even going to go as far as getting an HD tv untill our current one dies. LoL I’ve watched HD movies both on an HD tv and at the theaters. Theres no point to them. Nothing that is perceptable to my eyes … the sound could use some adjusting though LoL. They’re making the back ground the fore ground now-a-days!

    • Eric says:

      Heck yeah! I’m not typing so that I can read it back to myself. Not yet anyway,

  32. J.R. says:

    I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but I am alarm that the consumers are being manipulated badly for the past 10 years or so. I have seen computer configurations changed even though there are great upgrades. I think the whole 3d thing is being driven by profits. Lately allot of movies are coming out in 3D. Of course those movies cost more. 3D TV is needed to see all those 3D moves that are being released. I remember when “The Towering Inferno” came out and they used speakers so you could feel the movie. The cost of movie tickets went up and never cam down. If a movie comes out in 3D and regular version, I go see the regular one. Enough, with this 3D stuff, Consumers need to fight back. I truly believe people would eat dog sh*t and coffee that came out of a cats poop (Bucket List) if everybody else was doing it. I know I once had a pet rock.

  33. genej101 says:

    Never going to happen. I’ve bought two new Sony big screen Bravia’s over the last four years, one, a 50 inch HD I gave to my son and his family and a 52 inch HD I use. I have in basement a Sony 25 inch console built in 1980 that still works. I expect my current television to work for many years as well. There is no way I’ll spend another $2000 plus for a 3d television, I think it is a gimmick, a fad and will die out as fast as it did in the 60′s in theater’s. I won’t do it and they can’t make me!

  34. Kevin K says:

    Hey, I agree with you on this! I think that once the manufacturers start NOT seeing sales on this idea, I think the 3-D TV’s will go away.
    Now on the other hand, if (and I say “IF”) this 3-D TV can can fix me popcorn and get me a drink also, I just might buy one!

  35. Gale says:

    For those that’s seen only the old 3D movies with the old paper glasses with the red & blue lenses in them. Things have improved greatly since those old days. Now they have black plastic glasses with lenses that look much like a normal sun glass lens and both lenses are a smoked tinted lens. Which the movie theaters I’ve been to charge you a whopping $3.50 for each pair of glasses then try to con you into giving them back recycling them to the theaters so they can again resale them for another $3.50 to the next person that comes along wanting to watch a 3D movie. Personally, I kept my 3D glasses whether I ever use them again or not? If they returned my money I paid for them or even a descent percentage of my money was returned then I would of considered giving them back and letting them recycle them to the next customer wanting to watch their 3D movie. Of course the theaters want 100% profit, so I can’t see many people falling for the recycle your glasses!
    With all that being said, lets get down to the quality of today’s 3D movies. Which is beyond suburb in my humble opinion! Now my first 3D experience was not long ago when I seen Avatar and I was really amazed at how things literally did come right out of the movie screen towards me! Don’t know how they do it? But it was amazing none the less! If the quality in theaters catch up to the TV market then I can see where people might want to have the 3D TV’s in their homes and put up with wearing the glasses even! Of course once many of these systems are out on the market and sold, probably the next thing will be new 3D TV’s where you no longer need to wear the glasses and the cycle continues over again! (LOL) But hey, their no different then the rest of us! Just trying to make sure the money keeps rolling into their pockets as we’d all like to have ourselves. Now wouldn’t we? I would! (LOL)

  36. John says:

    Has anyone been to the new movies in 3D in the theaters, like Avatar and some of the others? I will admit. I have not. I am in a community that only has two theaters, owned by the same person. But I digress. The reason I ask bring it up is to ask whether the 3D content actually brought anything to the movie? It is one thing to have an action packed “Jaws 3D” style movie where they intentionally throw weird camera angles so that stuff will pop out of the screen at you. I quickly get bored of that. What I want to know is whether or not the 3D content really adds anything to a concert, or a scene with lots of motion in it. If it REALLY adds content, which nobody has really commented on, then there might be a market for it. But, we might need special glasses to see it on a LCD screen. In the theaters they use disposable polarized lenses so that each eye sees a slightly different image. To see it on your LCD, you need to alternate the two images and use electronic glasses that alternately get dark on each eye in sync with the screen so again each eye sees a different image. Or, you can broadcast a 3d image with both left and right at the same time, and code the 3d images using tint, red and blue, so your eye sees perspective. But the image is gimmicky and the colors are false, and well, it gives me a headache and is just not worth it. 3D at home? I don’t see it. BUT… I would like to see it in the theater. Maybe just once… ;)

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