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A few weeks ago Gary, our resident tech-specialist and Commander Riker in-command at Worldstart, snuck up behind me and inquired as to why I use Yahoo as my default search engine over the vastly superior and pleasant smelling alternative, Google. After all, Google is the big daddy when it comes to Internet look-arounds, so why in God’s name would I be wasting my time searching through Yahoo, when I know I’m just going to end up at Google anyways?

…a good question -one which is easy to answer for me.

See, the Internet isn’t just about research and information treasure hunts to me; it’s a place I am so used to that, 9 times out of 10, I already know where I’m going to before I even boot up my machine. Yahoo acts as my spring-board, because unlike the blankness of Google, all the news I need is laid out right there in front of me on the main page. I know that when the name of someone famous shows up in the “Trending Now” section, that they’re either dead, in jail or got caught flashing a mini-bus full of nuns again. I can also get my stocks, headlines and sports scores, without lily-padding from site to site gathering info.  In fact, 20% of my daily Internet activity is accomplished simply by setting Yahoo as my default home page, and clicking back every now and again to see if I’m missing something. It’s like my constantly refreshing outside line to the rest of the world.

The searching on it sucks, though, which is why Gary prefers it –and he’s right to.

See, this poor dude gets asked a laundry list of questions each day -some of which, on a very rare occasion, even he doesn’t know the answers to. Through Google, he can start his quest for answers with a silver bullet and get the best results without all that other hodge-podge mucking up the screen. It’s a tool to him, not a news-and-views media outlet like it is to me.

And that’s just fine.

But I guess it ultimately depends on what your needs are out of a search engine. Do you like the sterile search box and a white screen, or would you prefer a busier kind of site to browse around on? Do you Yahoo? Does Google Rule? Or are you using something else?

I’m curious! Fill me in!


70 Responses to “What do you use?”

  1. L A Graham says:

    Well, I guess I’m the maverick. I use MyYahoo as my home page but have set my default search engine to Dogpile. I find it more comprehensive than the results I’ve had with others – and I don’t like Google’s business practices.

  2. Irenkè says:

    I have been using IncrediMail for about 7 years now and haven’t had any problems at all. Since Kim Komando keeps saying negative things about Internet Explorer and recommends Mozilla Firefox, I’ve been using Firebox for several years now with no problems with Comcast as my home page since that is my server. I get all my news, sports, entertainment, etc. there. I still use Internet Explorer 8 to do my automatic Microsoft Windows Updates. I also use Yahoo and MSN with Firefox with no problems. I have Outlook Express but just don’t like it even though it works just fine for me. I like Bing first, then Google and Yahoo in that order for searches. I also have Google Chrome but rarely use it. Right now I have a Dell with Windows XP and love it. I’m on my computer a lot and enjoy using it. I dread the day I have to change to Windows 7.

    • Evelyn says:

      LOL ….. I thought I was the only one that was dreading going to Windows 7. My Della XP does just fine. I just hate to waste the time learning what I shouldn’t do on Windows 7…..and I will waste time with errors and goof-ups. Thanks Irenke’….I don’t feel so all alone now. :-)

      • Irenkè says:

        Evelyn, I hate change. It seems that Vista didn’t turn out so good, but Windows 7 is supposed to be as good as, or better than, Windows XP. It is supposed to have more new improvements. I just know that when I get it, I will feel like I’m just starting to use a computer for the first time all over again. For example, I read that we won’t be able to update Internet Explorer 8 to IE 9 unless we change to Windows 7. Some of my old programs may not be compatible with Windows 7. They won’t update Windows XP any more. It goes on and on so that we have no alternative but to change to Windows 7. I am so comfortable and satisfied with Windows XP the way it is now.

    • Susan bussey says:

      Wait till you change to windows 7! I did NOT want to change but when I did I wish I had changed earlier! There is nothing bad about windows 7 that I know of. I have been using it for almost a year now! IT IS GREAT! Very user friendly, so many usefull and helpful applications. Check out someone who has windows 7!

      • Irenkè says:

        Thank you Susan. That makes me feel a little bit better now. When my time comes to get Windows 7, I’ll hold my nose and jump in with both feet and swim like crazy. Once I stop fighting with the idea of change, I’ll do all right like with everything else.
        Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. B. K. says:

    Funny, every time I use Google I get a message from my antivirus saying they blocked 2 attacks from Google . I use them for auto fill and spel check though and apparently I look for less esoteric stuff than some of you all. Yahoo has never once not found what I was looking for.

  4. Dan says:

    I’m with Gary. I’d rather have a clean search page. News i get from separate news links. In fact all of my browsers have altered home pages since I don’t like clutter on the homepage – a single column with a minimum of info is best as far as I am concerned.

    • GhostriderGale says:

      I use Pyzam for my home page, with uses Google’s search engine. I also perfer not to have a lot of information all over my home page. I like Pyzam cause you can select from hundreds if not thousands of designs, movie themes, etc. to use as your home page and it has a place to search from on Google anytime you want to! I also use XP with Fire fox and not really looking forward to switching to windows 7 either. Not to mention my computer not set up to run windows 7 so I still have to find out what I’ll need to do to get that to work on my computer? I know there’s many cool features out there now that only work on windows 7 too, so sooner or later I will bite the bullet so to speak and switch over! I’ve also heard some programs will be hard to switch over if not impossible to windows 7 from XP, Although I found a cool program over on that claims it can make all your xp programs be easily switched to Windows 7 and it’s not very expensive so I may get it just to give it a try when I do switch over!

  5. Fred says:

    Use Opera, as a browser, then ‘speed dial does it all.


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