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OK, I’m ticked.

Pissed really (can I say that?)

What am I on about? The massive oil spill in the Gulf and – once again – our government’s completely inadequate response to a crises. (Not to mention BP’s incredibly poor response, but who’s really surprised about that?)

Let’s look at a timeline, shall we?

The explosion happened on April 20th – 12 days ago – and we’re just NOW starting to seriously ramp up our efforts to contain this thing. Anyone with an ounce of sense would have realized we needed to respond to this in a MASSIVE way when it happened – the minimalist approach doesn’t work.

Just like Hurricane Katrina, we’re reacting to problems instead of responding preemptively to them.

Now, the situation is grave. The spill have recently tripled in size and shows no signs of slowing. We’re told that it could take months to stop the oil leakage, and frankly, they’re not even sure HOW much oil is spurting out each day.

Oh, and it’s not just the gulf states that have a problem. Currents may take this through the FL Keys (likely destroying the only living coral barrier reef in North America) and up along the Atlantic seaboard. Hope you weren’t planning on spending the summer at the beach.

Let’s not forget the toll this will take on wildlife. Mark my words, it won’t be long before you see piles of oily bird and animal remains stacked up along what was once pristine shoreline. Areas that were once teeming with animals will be oily graves. We’ll be the unfortunate witnesses to birds caked with crude as their once delicate bodies bob lifelessly up and down in the waves. Over dramatic? We’ll see.

Alabama estimates it could face a spill on the scale of the Exxon Valdez – every two days. For MONTHS.

And I certainly hope you don’t make a living that has anything to do with the Gulf. Fishing (commercial and sport), oyster farming, shrimping, and tourism are going to be decimated by this.

Although I’m no expert on this stuff, I do have a question – why the hell didn’t we scale up to whatever level we’re going to be at in the future, (say two weeks or so from now) IMMEDIATELY after this happened? You know eventually we’ll have a record amount of cleanup equipment down there, so what’s the hold up? Why not do it now? Why didn’t we do it days ago?

Again, I’m not an expert, but seems to me that if we would have mobilized faster, there may have been a chance to keep most of this contained within an area we could work with. Now it’s painfully obvious that we’re paying catchup.

Gee, is that crude coming ashore?

Should we maybe get a towel?

With the resources BP has, why aren’t they doing more? And a bigger question – why didn’t they have a plan for this? You’d think with all the record profits they made over the last few years, they could have spent some of those billions coming up with “what if” plans and solutions for every possible scenario.

Yeah, yeah, I know they claim they actually do have a plan to that involves sticking a dome over the leak or something – note that this dome wasn’t built in advance, – or even started the day this happened. It almost seems to me that there was never really a plan – or the plan was to come up with a plan if something happens.

Personally I don’t think BP ever thought this could happen, or worse, they knew it could and knew there wasn’t much they could do to stop it before it rose to the level of a disaster. Now we’re trying to shut the barn doors after the proverbial oily horse has already run away.

Obama is heading down there to say a few words. Yeah, that’s probably about as helpful as it sounds.

Not to armchair quarterback, but I wish he would have said a few words to the National Guard the day this happened and focused the full resources of the federal government on this problem then. It’s going to come to that anyway, only now we get hundreds – probably thousands – of miles of ruined shoreline waiting for someone else to do it.

Once again, we drop the ball. Reminds me of a famous quote:

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
~ Edmund Burke

What do you think? Feel free to comment, and I promise I’ll be in a better mood for my next post.


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48 Responses to “Our Worst Environmental Disaster – Ever”

  1. Elanor Bagenstose says:

    If this would have hapopened in another country we would have jumped right in and had a solution for them to keep this from getting so bad. This country is going to hell in a handbag.

  2. BONNIE says:

    No, we’ve arrived and the hand bag is about gone!!

  3. Bea says:

    BP couldn’t do anything because they would lose the profits they have made, oh and not only is the spread destroying things, but gas prices will skyrocket again. The government and the oil companies do care about anything but what they what.

  4. Richard says:

    If it was mandatory for all the oil rigs to install the sonic shut off valve which is already available, we would not have this problem. The under water valve could have been shut down within minutes of the explosion. The cost was said to be about $500,000. The oil companies don’t install this technology because of the cost. This could add 5 cents to each barrel of oil. I have not done the math here.

    Just think how cheap this sounds now.

  5. David says:

    Well, I guess the oil execs and Wall St. profiteers will have to move their beach houses to Hawaii.

  6. E L Allen says:

    Let’s not forget that BP also had a leak in the Alaska Pipeline some time ago, and made every effort to cover it up and ignored any attempt to make repairs until they were forced to take action by the state. Why in hell does our stupid government allow these foreign companies to buy our resurses in the first place.

    I think Bonnie is right. Maybe congress should appropriate a ton or two of money for the urchase of another handbag.

  7. E L Allen says:

    “urchase” should be “Purchase”

  8. DeeDee says:

    Check out it looks like Halliburton was involved!
    It seems they did a “cement” job just 20 hours before the explosion
    and this “cement” is noted for exploding.

  9. E L Allen says:

    Hey Steve:

    You are not the only one who is Pissed!!

  10. Doral says:

    I agree with you Steve. The response to this massive disaster was too little and too late. You are also correct in saying that no one knows exactly how much oil is spewing into the water. The estimates are just that, based on the assumed pressure and assumed size of the hole that it’s escaping through. At this time we must concentrate on stopping the oil discharge, while at the same time trying to contain what’s already on the surface. Then, heads should roll. Both in BP which caused the disaster and in the government which allowed it to happen and then didn’t make any useful response. This could well be the biggest ecological disaster since the dinosaurs were wiped out.

  11. Skeeter651942 says:

    Maybe all you ppl who are oissed off should do something besides bitch! we have to live with this & you don’t. As for it going up the east coast, that’s crap. The Gulf of Mexico is bigger. It will stay in the gulf states & out to the Ocean. the Florida Panhandle is in the Gulf region. Get out your maps!!

  12. Eric Grunewald says:

    Agree with most of the above. Way too little and way too late. FEMA and Katrina all over again. Just after opening bids on new oilfields offshore
    in similarly sensitive areas. I hope congress INSISTS that better preventative measures are enacted before someone else punches holes in the bottom of the Gulf or ocean! And BP will pay, though there’s no amount large enough to compensate for the total economic fallout, let alone the environmental disaster already attacking our shores. The FULL measure of the federal government should step in to resolve this NOW! Use nuclear subs, use every available ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle), the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, CCC, FEMA, whatever it takes.
    Backcharge BP (and the others as well, they’re all going to profit from this) for ALL THE COSTS. And, yes, it WILL increase gasoline costs, which will help reduce usage and help the environment, and further encourage spending on non-polluting alternative energy sources. Watch how YOUR congressional rep or Senator votes when this comes to a head, and find out where their funding is coming from. If they accept a dime from BIG OIL after this, they should be canned, regardless of party or other favorite issues. Even big oil states, like Texas, Alaska, or
    Louisiana should do this. This mess will spread throughout the Gulf, into the Gulf Stream, ruin the islands, Florida, Mexico, Bermuda, and end up affecting Iceland, England & the UK, and add dark matter to the polar regions to further enhance global warming & pack ice melt, triggering
    rising water levels, endangering everyone worldwide. This is NOT good for anyone of us or our kids. The Exxon Valdez mishap was tiny by comparison, and we’re just now getting over that. This will have negative effects for the next 30-50 years! Now maybe more people will finally get behind solar, wind, and other sustainable energy and not think it’s just a fluke. Primaries coming up in Ohio and elsewhere. Vote your
    environment! Hold the scoundrils accountable, and stop letting them make stupid mistakes with our lives & livelyhoods.

    • keen` says:

      You have my vote. You said everything I have thought and more. As for Skeeter, what would you have us do?

  13. BLUMAG says:

    An excellent and a very insightful article. You told it the way it is.

  14. Lorie DeMichele says:

    I’m not just pissed, I’m disgusted!!!!!!! When in the hell is someone going to pass a law, that will be enforced, to force all of these mega-billion dollar companies to use their profits to develop some kind of containment for oil spills or accidents?!!! Why do all of these companies get to keep all of their profits ( which is everything AFTER paying their bills and employees) and not be made to help with the enviroment?? My God, how much money do they need?!?!?! This is way beyond greed!!
    Please I BEG all of you out there, and your family and friends, to get rid of all of these A..holes in government, ALL of them, and vote every dam incumbent out of office!!!!!! Hell, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck could do better than ANY of these clowns that are there now!!! State and Federal!!!!!!!!! Between these terrible disasters, immigration ( Might as well just take away all borders guards and let anyone in all the time,with their drugs, sicknesses, and terrorism) , and telling all in the world that we deserve what we get, we might as well forget about burning the flag, just burn the constititution, and the Declaration of Independance, since we don’t use it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My family is always telling me to get off my soap box, because nothing can be done, but I refuse to believe that!! We just need to get people together that actually care for OUR United States, and want to get her and Old Glory, back to where they belong….Strong, Healthy, and a government “By the people For the people!!”
    Thank you for letting me have a place to vent, Steve.

  15. Antoinette says:

    Please sign the petition to President Obama and the US Congress: representatives will help deliver it to leaders in Washington before the planned hearings on the BP spill.

    Voice your concerns and share your opinion here:
    1,000,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling!/dontdrill
    You wouldn’t believe all the helpful information people have been posting there.

  16. Cherie Fruge says:

    There you go… All of you! This is from a transplanted Cajun who calls Arizona home… I have relatives in Louisiana who will lose their way of making a living because of this…

  17. Evelyn says:

    Thumbs up….. Lorie. Think about it people. If you owned it and it was in your back yard, who do you think would have to fix the mess…..YOU! …. that’s who. If the government votes for mega dollars to clean it up and fix it up that means the people will have another tax on them to help pay for it. Anger takes all reason out of thinking. We need to be calm and get in contact with our government officials for them to vote in the Oil Cartel to clean up their own messes. E-mail your Senators and Congressmen and put this problem to a test with them. See if they can agree on what would be the best way to handle this. Suggest that they make the Oil Cartel clean up the mess at their expense and have them vote that no oil prices can be raised because of it. They haven’t been able to agree on anything since Obama has been President…..maybe they could drop their dislikes for one another and agree on this. And as far as the Oil Barens are concerned….it is about time they came down to earth and realized that they need to turn out a few lights and conserve on water just like us poor folks.

  18. Evelyn says:

    Oh, by the way….everyone is concerned about the wild life and fish….how about being concerned about the people that worked on that rig…they no longer have a job therefore no pay check to take care of their families. The people who run the shrimp boats. So people will have to go without eating shrimp but the people who work on the shrimp boats will have a hard time feeding their families. Feel for the people for once, because the people will take care of the animals. Afraid the fish are doomed if they didn’t swim to clear waters.

  19. Creakyjane says:


    As others have said here, “You said it all.”. I hope someday the “people” get to tell those in our government to hear us and they actually listen. Thanks again for the gripe I don’t have to put out on the internet.

    • Evelyn says:

      Steve I am e-mailing my Senators and Congressmen every day I am at home and sometimes when I get home. Note: ONE and only one answers with a positive answer (this would be John Thune) and then shows in his action that he is paying attention to his constituents. The other two ignore it all. I feel if you keep letting your State Representatives what their people want at least one of them will remember why they were voted into office. We have to keep the faith or we all will be in the worm hole for sure.

  20. Fast Gramma says:

    A hindsight thought…..possibly God put that crude deep in the earth to keep us from getting at it? Thinking of the great products that are made from it, but also of the health issues we are now discovering, new ones each month, that result from the presence of these items humans are exposed to on a regular basis.

    • Evelyn says:

      lol It has run through my mind that maybe New Orleans people need to think about what is happening to them all of a sudden. I do not live in Louisiana but I was born and raised there and believe me …. no one in North Louisiana spends any time visiting New Orleans at any given time. And you do have a point about health problems that are air born to float all over the United States.

  21. Chuck says:

    I am glad the party of NO is not in charge as it would have been worse. What really gets me going is that all of you find fault with everything, but don’t have the FACTS, all you do is complain but offer NO solutions. How about you tell us what you would have done differantly and better with the information we had at the time?

    • Evelyn says:

      I must say, Chuck, I haven’t a clue what I would have done but I don’t know what information you had either. All I know is it isn’t the people who worked on the rigs fault, it is the Oil Cartel’s fault that this happened. They had been told about problems and decided it would cost too much to repair it. Their chain of though has always been “if it ain’t broke….don’t fix it”. OK….now it is broke and what a mess they have on their hands. Are they going to foot the bill for the clean up or are we?

  22. Jennifer says:

    Steve I probably as unhappy about that oil spill in the Gulf as you are. I really do not understand why it takes so long for any kind of action to be taken to clean it up as well as to stop the oil from getting into the ocean in the first place. It seems suspicious that this has happened in the first place.
    But why not clean it up as fast as possible and save the Gulf shoreline? I think that this is just another excuse to raise the gas prices.

  23. Don says:

    It is time the oil companies took responsibility for there actions, not the taxpayer/consumer. Oil companies have no desire to install safety features that might cost them a few thousand dollars when government will step in and fix their screw ups (at taxpayers expense).I don’t pay taxes anymore I live on social security however the price of everything I buy wil go up because of this travesty. The price of fuel will go up causeing the price of all goods to raise, it’s time the people got back all of the sacrifices they make and the profits of the petroleum dealers and producers step up and own up to their mistakes.

    • Evelyn says:

      If you are on SS, Don, you are still paying taxes and if you haven’t noticed….they keep going up too. Taxes are taken out of your SS check every month.

  24. Michael says:

    Does anyone, seeing what’s been going on in this country, REALLY think this was an accident?

    • Evelyn says:

      I think it happened because of old equipment. I doubt anything has been done to apply new tech devices under the rig and I do know there are new tech devices that could have been added to help things like this from happening. Just another careless accident that could have been prevented with modern equipment.

  25. MarkSpizer says:

    great post as usual!

  26. Cathy says:

    I heard from somone that works with people in th oil business that the worse country to buy your produsts from is Korea.

    Did BP buy the parts for the oil well from them?

  27. Evelyn says:

    I have a friend that his daughter works for the oil company (EXXON) and he said they have a Gag Order on all of the employees concerning anything about this so I doubt anyone will be getting any information about anything pertaining to any of this for a while from anyone.

  28. Lanny says:

    The anatomies of two different presidential disasters.‏

    President George Walker Bush’s Seven-Day Response to Hurricane Katrina (2005)

    Saturday, August 27: President of the United States George W. Bush declares a state of emergency in selected regions of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, two days before Hurricane Katrina makes landfall.

    Sunday, August 28: President Bush asks Louisiana Governor Kathleen Bianco to order a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. Voluntary and mandatory evacuations are issued for large areas of southeast Louisiana as well as coastal Mississippi and Alabama. About 1.2 million residents of the Gulf Coast are covered under either a voluntary or a mandatory evacuation order.

    Monday, August 29: Hurricane Katrina races ashore and smashes into New Orleans as a Category 5 storm.

    Tuesday, August 30: Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, takes over federal, state, and local operations officially, citing the National Response Plan. Governor Blanco refuses to participate, indicating that her National Guard can manage.

    Wednesday, August 31: President Bush overflies the devastated area as he returns from his Texas vacation. Upon his arrival in Washington, Bush immediately meets in the Cabinet Room with members of the White House Task Force on Hurricane Katrina Recovery.

    Friday, September 2: President Bush visits the Gulf Coast in person, four days after the devastating hurricane strikes.

    1,836 persons from 7 states (including 135 out-of-state evacuees counted by Louisiana) die as a result of Hurricane Katrina. 135 are still listed as missing (Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, August 2, 2006).

    President Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama II’s 12-Day Response to BP’s Oil Rig Fire and Resulting Oil Spill

    Tuesday, April 20: At about 10:00 p.m., the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling platform explodes. The rig is owned by Transocean, Ltd., and contracted to British Petroleum for exploratory drilling about 52 miles southeast of the Venice coast on Louisiana’s tip. Transocean is the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, with a fleet of 140 mobile offshore drilling units, in addition to three ultra-deepwater units under construction.

    Wednesday, April 21: 4 helicopters, 4 ships and an airplane begin a morning search for 11 missing oil rig workers. Platform itself is tilting about 10 degrees and “burning pretty good,” according to Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer Mike O’Berry. 115 workers are believed to have survived, although 7 are reported critically injured.

    Thursday, April 22: Search resumes for 11 missing oil rig workers as the still burning platform sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. 111 workers who survived the blast have been brought to shore, while 4 others are still on a boat that is operating an underwater robot. 17 crew members are suffering from burns, broken legs and smoke inhalation; 4 are critically injured.

    The Coast Guard reports the rig carried 700,000 gallons of diesel fuel and that the well could be spilling up to 8,000 barrels of crude oil a day. U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry says crews saw a 1 mile by 5 mile sheen of
    what appeared to be a crude oil mix on the surface of the water. Landry says there isn’t any evidence crude oil was coming out after the rig sank, but officials aren’t sure what’s going on underwater. She says they have dispatched a
    vessel to check.

    Shane Roshto of Amite, Mississippi, files a lawsuit in New Orleans accusing Transocean, Ltd. (owner of the oil platform) of negligence. The suit also names British Petroleum, the company which contracted the rig.

    Friday, April 23: “It appears there is no oil coming out of the well at this time,” Mike O’Berry, a U.S. Coast Guard senior chief petty officer, reports after an inspection of the sunken offshore oil rig. “We’re not out of the woods yet but that is some positive news.”

    In what appear to be conflicting statements, other U. S. maritime authorities say crude oil is pouring into the sea at the site where the hulking Deepwater Horizon oil rig once stood, although they are unable to determine at what rate.

    “This is considered a major oil spill,” Mike O’Berry, a U.S. Coast Guard senior chief petty officer, tells media. The Coast Guard says the nearly two kilometre by eight kilometre slick has settled on the surface some 70 kilometers
    offshore, even as a massive clean-up operation gets under way to prevent the oil from hitting land in the Gulf states of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

    In Washington, according to a White House statement issued three days after the explosion, President of the United States Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama II has said the federal response to the disaster “is being treated as the number
    one priority.” Obama “made sure that the entire federal government was offering all assistance needed in the rescue effort as well as in mitigating and responding to the environmental impact,” the statement says.

    The Coast Guard announces that rescuers have suspended the search for the 11 people missing from the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Earlier in the day, Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry, commander of the Coast Guard’s
    8th District, had told local media that “the probability of finding survivors had diminished to almost zero by Thursday afternoon.”

    Saturday, April 24: Media reports say the oil well is leaking and the leak could have occurred when the rig sank on Thursday. They quote Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry as saying that the spill is “very serious.”

    Sunday, April 25: Media reports cite BP and the Coast Guard as saying that as much as 1000 barrels, or 42,000 gallons, of oil is leaking each day. The spill now covers 400 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico about 40 miles offshore,
    reports say. Inclement weather–winds and rain–is hampering cleanup efforts.

    The Associated Press reports the wellhead’s depth, 5,000 feet, makes stopping the leak that much more difficult. Other media reports suggest the disaster on the oil rig was caused by a blowout, in which a burst of oil or gas is
    suddenly pushed to the surface. A firm cause of the accident has not yet been announced.

    Monday, April 26: BP Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward flys to the United States to oversee the cleanup, promising to do “everything in our power to contain this oil spill,” as BP intensifies efforts to stop the underwater well leak that is streaming oil 80 miles across the Gulf of Mexico, menacing the shoreline and triggering the evacuation of a drilling rig 10 miles away.

    “We have no shoreline impact at this time,” Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry, the government coordinator of the spill response, says of the oil spill at today’s press conference. “Our goal is to continue to fight this spill as far
    offshore as possible.”

    The Huffington Post’s Marcus Baram says oil-services provider Halliburton may be a primary suspect in the investigation into the oil rig explosion that has devastated the Gulf Coast. Halliburton was apparently in charge of cementing (plugging holes in the pipeline seal by pumping cement into it from the rig) for
    Deepwater Horizon.

    Tuesday, April 27: U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry says a controlled burn is being considered as a way to deal with the oil spill resulting from the explosion, fire, and subsequent collapse of Transocean’s semi-
    submersible oil rig. The burn, if done, would be smaller and less hot than the rig explosion and fire had been, Landry says, adding that the controlled burn would not be visible from shore and air quality would be monitored.

    A congressional committee asks the heads of BP America Inc. and Transocean Ltd. to turn over documents related to safety procedures at the Gulf of Mexico oil rig, as part of an investigation into the companies’ response
    to the April 20 blast.

    Wednesday, April 28: Shrimpers in Louisiana and Alabama prepare to file class-action lawsuits against oil giant BP and the owners of the drilling platform that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, as claims for economic losses anticipated from the disaster begin to mount. Two similar lawsuits, to be filed later today in
    U.S. District Court in New Orleans and on Thursday in the adjacent Gulf Coast state of Alabama, accuse the companies of negligence. The huge oil slick is expected to reach a wildlife reserve at the mouth of the Mississippi River
    tomorrow as it menaces the environmentally sensitive coastline of four states.

    There is no immediate comment about the lawsuits from either company.

    The head of the BP Groups says last week’s deadly rig explosion could have been prevented–a rather obvious attempt to focus blame on the rig owner, Transocean. Tony Hayward, BP CEO, claims Transocean’s “blowout preventer” failed to operate before the explosion. (A blowout preventer is a big valve at the top of an oil well which, when activated, will stop the flow of oil. It is something like a service station pump handle. The blowout preventer can be closed during drilling if underground pressure drives up oil or natural gas, threatening the oil rig.)

    Thursday, April 29: British Petroleum sets fire to the rig blast’s oil slick in a last-ditch effort to control the huge spill. The company also attempts to downplay the catastrophic accident which has caused the worst spill in decades along America’s Gulf Coast. In its 52-page exploration plan and environmental impact
    analysis for the Deepwater Horizon well, BP repeatedly suggests it was unlikely or virtually impossible for an accident to occur that would lead to a giant crude oil spill and serious damage to beaches, fish, mammals and fisheries.

    The U.S. Coast Guard estimates the one-mile deep well is spewing 210,000 gallons a day. BP confirms the leak from the blown-out well a mile underwater is now five times bigger than first believed, and faint fingers of oily sheen are
    already reaching the Mississippi River, lapping the Louisiana shoreline in long, thin lines. Thicker oil is about five miles offshore. It is said the oil slick may become the nation’s worst environmental disaster in decades, threatening to eclipse even the Exxon Valdez in scope.

    President Obama dispatches high-level administration officials, including Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, to the area. He also orders environmental agency officials to inspect all offshore oil rigs and platforms to
    make sure they adhere to US safety codes.
    Speaking at the White House, President Obama says: “While BP is ultimately responsible for funding the cost of response and clean-up operations, my administration will continue to use every single available resource at our
    disposal, including potentially the Department of Defense, to address the incident.

    “And I have ordered the Secretaries of Interior and Homeland Security, as well as Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency to visit the site on Friday to ensure that BP and the entire US government is doing everything
    possible, not just to respond to this incident, but also to determine its cause.”

    Shares in BP plunge 8% as investors panic. Over £15 billion has thus far been knocked off BP’s London stock market value since the Transocean Deepwater Horizon caught fire. The latest dive in value comes after BP acknowledges the amount of oil leaking from sub-sea wells could be 5,000 barrels a day.

    Friday, April 30: “No additional drilling has been authorized and none will until we find out what happened here and whether there was something unique and preventable here,” White House senior adviser David Axelrod says on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal declares a state of emergency and asks for federal funds to deploy 6,000 National Guard soldiers to help with the clean up.

    The United States Navy is deployed to help avert the looming environmental disaster.

    The White House says President Obama has no plans to go to Louisiana.

    Saturday, May 1: The White House announces that President Obama will visit the Gulf area on Monday, May 3, to view the oil slick that is threatening severe economic and ecological damage.

    The announcement comes a day after the White House said the president had no plans to visit the area.

    The Obama administration has been under criticism for some time for not acting sooner and comparisons are being made between the current crisis and the Bush administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As the oil slick broadens, so too do the Hurricane Katrina comparisons. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs disputes the comparisons between Katrina and the present crisis by saying that when Hurricane Katrina struck, 1,800 people were killed. No
    other differences between the two are cited by Gibbs.

    One of the main criticisms of President Bush regarding the hurricane was the fact that he waited four days before touring the devastation, a fact that Bush later admitted. Obama had no plans to even visit Louisiana until more than 10
    days after the rig first caught fire. Whether this will be “Obama’s Katrina” may depend on how the world reacts when photos and videos of oil-soaked wildlife begin showing up in the media.

    President Obama speaks at the White House Correspondents Dinner for about 15 minutes.

    Sunday, May 2: President Obama prepares to visit Louisiana.

    Late in the morning, President Obama suddenly boards Air Force One, which immediately takes off for Louisiana.

    President Obama arrives in New Orleans at 1:30 EDT to confer with authorities and take a tour of the Gulf Coast region–more than 11 days and 15-1/2 hours after the disaster.

    President Obama goes on national television at 4:30 EST to claim he has been on top of everything “since day one.” My hero!

    And so it goes. Cow patties here, there and everywhere.

    • edw_jr says:

      Spoken like a true Republican Lanny. Just remind me what other great things “W” accomplished in two terms. The man was, is ,and always will be a fool. Without old George, and his millions, he would never have left Texas.

      • Lanny says:

        My comment was not about or in support of George W. Bush. When you run out of excuses for everything the Messiah says and does, I hope you find yourself in the right place when the terrorists get lucky. Best wishes, you far left-wing progressive hypocrite.

        • Irenkè says:

          Your factual comment is right on and so is your reply to edw_jr. Election time can’t come soon enough for me. Good job Lanny.

          • Lanny says:

            Nice to be appreciated, Irenke. Thank you very much.

          • Evelyn says:

            WOW, edw_jr. You must be a die heart Democrat and right now that makes you a looser. I am a Democrat and haven’t voted for a Democrat since Jimmy Carter. I take care who I vote for and you should too. We are in a mess right now because of the “Bleeding Heart’s” and the Democrats who weren’t paying attention before they voted. George Bush did the best he could do with what he had and what Clenton left him to work with. Lanny don’t apologize for what you count as right. Don’t let someone like edw_jr intemidate you. Come November help clean the Houses out where we can get back to the basic of our Country’s business and back to being confident that our Constitution will be our guide lines for our Government.

  29. Luanne says:

    Hmmm… Maybe the government should be “bigger” and regulate and oversee more… Hmmm… maybe we ought to be putting A LOT of money into getting off oil…

  30. Stephanie says:

    And here we go again. BP comes out with a rather bold (and idiotic) statement that “there is no danger of a leak.” Puh-leeez! Typical “Managemetn Speak.” BP should have been out on the water IMMEDIATELY with oil containing and clean-up equipment for the worst case scenario, which is happening. I am sickened and very sad when I think about the wild-life that will be killed off because of CORPORATE GREED.

    And this furthers my case against off-shore drilling. In case these bone-headed CEOs haven’t figure it out yet, there’s no such thing as “off-shore” drilling. Because of the tides, almost everything ends up “on-shore,” affecting water quality, animal and plant life, air quality, and the quality of human life in general.

    SHAME ON BP!!!! I thought the Brits had more brains.

    • Evelyn says:

      I am sickened and very sad about the men working on the rig that lost their life’s trying to repair it. Did you not notice, Stephanie, that the Animal Activist were already helping the animals that had been effected by the oil. I donated to the cause….did you? Everything takes time. Give credit where credit is due. The only one I can saw dragging their feet on this was Obama but of course this happened in the USA not over seas.

  31. Dick says:

    The reason we are having problems with Mexico is that there is an insatiable demand for illegal drugs in this country. The reason for the problems with oil, its procurement, processing, and its finished product distribution is our insatiable thirst for fuel. For instance, out of 330 million people we have about 80 million families. Let’s assume we have 40 million families living on plots of land ranging in size from a few square feet to many acres and invariably covered with grass. On any weekend you will find many people riding on or pushing mowers which use gasoline. If only one gallon was used to do the job it would amount to 50 million gallons of gasoline, each week or so, just to mow grass which will produce nothing of value. Good grass requires fertilizer (a critical food producing element and hard to get natural product) and it is then usually gathered up during mowing and dumped. One solution to this is to plant something other than grass. I have descriptions of 151 different growing ground covers, for shade or sun, which require no attention and never need cutting. If you absolutely need grass to sit on, then plant a 20 foot square of it and mow it by hand.
    I run a full size car, with a clean Diesel engine, which gets 42 miles to a gallon in the city and close to 50 on the highway. It has no special features except being Diesel. I am sure it could be improved with a little research. I think it is an atrocity for car makers to produce a vehicle with more than a 100 horse power engine. My 1937 Ford V-8 car, with 60 horse power, got 23 miles to a gallon of plain gasoline and so after 73 years we still cannot, or will not, produce a more efficient engine? Would it not be horrible if I could not reach 60 miles per hour in less than 20 seconds? Such nonsense in the name of business!
    Have you ever seen from satellite pictures the amazing sight of the prodigious flood of light arising from the earth at night? Most of that light is unnecessary and is wasting both oil and coal fuels. We do not need to destroy the night in the name of safety or to blaze advertisements to the heavens for the people on the moon, or to sell lighting fixtures, for that matter.
    Why does everything we buy have to come in a plastic (from oil) wrap of some sort? Why on earth do we buy drinking water in plastic bottles, derived from oil, for eight dollars a gallon when we have the cleanest water supplies in the world at our finger tips? Someone said that the largest trucking organization in the world was the Coca-Cola company, why?, to sell flavored water?!
    If we could wean ourselves from unnecessary oil usage then maybe the digging for crude at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico might not be needed. We Americans have always done things to excess; being able to win WWII was a good example of that capability, but I think it is time for us to learn how to back off and to relieve the stresses on Mother Nature before we wreck her processes for recovery.
    We are already thinking about how we might colonize the moon or Mars for the day when we will have to abandon the earth. Our forefathers would farm a piece of land and move to the next when the first one quit producing and so will we do the same in the future?
    As one person, I don’t need three cars, I don’t need a hundred acres to live on if I am not farming, and I don’t need an ever increasing population which has to be fed, clothed, and horse powered for whatever reason. We Homo-Sapiens must begin to moderate our use of Earth or one day Mother Nature will do it for us with resulting effect that we will rue.
    ‘nuf said from an 86 year old member of the “Greatest Generation”.

    • Evelyn says:

      Thumbs up on your Post, Dick. Did you feel better after writing it…..I felt better after reading it. To keep this world from cracking under the pressure of all the waste and unnecessary use of oil, filtering the soil with chemicals and the air with fumes the whole world needs to change the way it lives.

  32. Evelyn says:

    This Post is from Jenna’s Dog Blog:
    Dog Hair for a Cause
    Wednesday May 12, 2010

    Ever look at the leftover hair after grooming your dog and wish there was something useful you could do with it? The last time I “FURminated” my dog, I ended up with a huge pile of fur that was almost the size of my dog! It seemed like a shame to let all that hair go to waste. I felt like I should have been recycling it or something. Well, now I can do something with that hair, and it’s for a great cause.
    Matter of Trust, a non-profit ecological group, has been collecting hair from humans and animals and using it to help clean up oil spills. How does it work? Well, because hair absorbs oil, large quantities of it can soak up quite a bit of oil. Matter of Trust uses hair and fur to weave mats and create containment booms (nylons stuffed with hair) that soak up the oil. They can make use of human hair, wool and hair/fur from dogs, cats and horses. All over the country, hair is being contributed by salons, dog groomers, schools and pet owners. Currently, the hair is being used to help clean up the recent oil spill in the gulf, a tragedy that has hit quite close to home for many of us. You can contribute hair from your own pets, but hair in bulk is even better. Consider starting a community project with other pet owners in your area. You can hold a “Fur Drive” and turn it into a fun and charitable event.

    Here’s how to send hair to Matter of Trust. Happy Grooming!

    • Evelyn says:

      FIRST, please sign up with our donor database program Excess Access FREE & FAST

      This way you will be emailed information on:

      - an emergency oil spill near your area requesting hair

      - a large scale emergency oil spill that needs wide scale donations and has many temporarily donated warehouses


      - all warehouse mailing address changes

      - Everyone can sign up. Salons, groomers, individuals… Everyone!


      NEXT, set aside a designated box (salons usually reuse a box in which shampoo was delivered)

      - line the box with a plastic garbage bag so hair/fur can’t slip out

      - ideally, donate shampoed hair (but certainly don’t include filthy hair / fur)

      - any length is fine

      - every type of hair is fine (straight, curly, all colors, dyed, permed, straightened…) but only HEAD hair, please!

      - every type of fur / waste wool is fine

      - sweep in all clippings, JUST HAIR, but please NO OTHER GARBAGE (gum, metal clips, paper cups, wrappers…)

      - remember volunteers (sometimes young students) have to stuff this hair into booms and don’t want to feel garbage or anything sharp

      - tie the top of the bag and tape the box shut

      - we also accept washed, used (even with runs) nylon stocking donations in a separate bag, please.

      - we also accept other “natural fibers” horse hair, feathers… again, please, no other garbage or contaminants in with the hair/fur/ wool fibers…

      - mark the boxes DEBRIS FREE HAIR / FUR or NYLONS

      - mail boxes in to the address below:

      Mailing addresses for hair, fur, wool… clippings and nylon donations are being emailed out to everyone who signs up. We are emailing in WAVES, so as to control the flow and not overload smaller warehouses along the coast. We are currently seeing about 500,000 pounds come in from all over the country. And volunteers are learning how to make a mile of boom a session!

      What happens to the hair after it arrives?
      Loose hair can be stuffed into nylon stockings which we double up and tie together to make “booms” that surround and contain as well as soak up oil spills. See our youtube

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