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I hate Saturday Night Live. The show hasn’t been funny in almost two decades, so I avoid it like the plague. Give me the halcyon days of Michael Meyers, Adam Sandler; the lost-before-their-time talents of Chris Farley and Phil Hartman. Heck, take me back to John Belushi, Dan Akroyd and Laraine Newman while you’re granting wishes! It’s all better than the drivel spewing out of Lorne Micheals’ latest troupe.

…and then along came Betty White to host SNL this past weekend.

She’s88 (and a half) friggin’ years old and ten times as funny as these hack jobs. The woman has pitch-perfect delivery, is amazingly expressive and hit all of her cues like a sniper rifle. An 88 (and a half) year old sniper rifle aimed right at the funny bones of all the viewers lucky enough to watch her perform this weekend. In the past I may have said I’d be merely “upset” when Betty White shuffles this mortal coil, but I’ve upgraded that status to “crying my eyes out”. She’s shown me that the oldschool is still the best school when it comes to comedy, and that a little bit of aged dignity can go along away – even when she’s calling someone a lesbian and referring to a fellow cast member as “Poocasso”.

It was the first episode of SNL in years that I’d watched for more than just seeing a band I liked performing a song I’ve probably already heard before.

I’ve always loved Betty White, too. I’m not writing this because of some BW Fanbus that just roared into entertainment town, although Facebook, a paragon of fan-centric culture, was the reason she got on SNL in the first place. I’d known her characters on Mary Tyler Moore and the Golden Girls and I even tuned in to watch the celebrity roast of William Shatner; one: because my dad looks and acts like William Shatner and two: Betty White’s roast. It was “White gold”; although I can’t mention its content on these hallowed pages.

Oh, and Betty White’s hosting job on SNL also garnered the best ratings the show has seen in 18 months. Now that’s impressive! Maybe Lorne Michaels will do more to listen to the online community, because this stuff just seems to be writing itself! If you want people to watch your show, just give them something worth watching! Genius!

If you’re in disagreement, or just haven’t been keeping up with Madame White lately, I suggest popping over to and having a look at some of the sketches she was in (which was all of them, I believe). Hey, I never said the SNL cast was stupid; just not too good at comedy.


20 Responses to “Let’s Hear it for Betty White!”

  1. Shirley says:

    Gee, I am so sad that I missed this. I too never watch SNL. I saw Betty White last night on J Lenno. She is really still going strong inspite of her years, and still very attractive. She will be starting a new TV series soon. I really don’t remember the name but I will be looking to find out more.

    • Charlene says:

      Shirley, The TV series show you are talking about is called….Hot in Cleveland. I think on TVLand.

  2. Gene Hawaii says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more as far as the comedy on SNL. The skits are the worst. Most of them have no PUNCH line. they just end and are not funny. The opening credits are longer than the show. As you said, get back to the old time comedy. Late saturday night is not the way is once was….. Betty White was a breath of fresh air and comedy.

  3. Charlene says:

    Betty White is an absolute treasure, especially when it comes to comedy. She is truly one of the Golden Girls. A line of hers in one of the Golden Girls episodes was “operator, can you give me the number for 911″ priceless. I totally agree that the old school is still the best school for comedy. None better! I do not watch SNL but made it a point to watch the Betty White skits.

  4. Poolfarms1910 says:

    Comedians today think if you are not vulgar or cutting down a politician your not funny. I want watch people cut down our politicians I don’t care what party. If they have to use four letter words to be funny that is not funny. The comedians of today could learn from the ones of the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s. Woops I think I just told my age oh well that just fine my kids who are in their 30′s enjoy the old and now gone comedians.

  5. Poolfarms1910 says:

    should be don’t watch.

  6. Webbie says:

    I’ve never watched an entire SNL in my life…maybe a total of 15 minutes…until last Saturday. I recorded it, watched some of it twice, enjoyed it thoroughly. Betty White on SNL was a beautiful thing!

  7. ribers says:

    I prefer the “older” group since they are the talented ones compared to what we have today. I remember when Betty White was on a game show with her husband, Allen Ludden. They were a fantastic team. I have never seen a performance by Betty White that was not always wonderful. I am so glad she is back in circulation. I share her total love for the animal kingdom too. Betty White I salute you.

  8. Jacquie says:

    I agree….Betty White was fabulous! My husband and I watched the episode on the edge of our seats laughing our heads off! Betty White has always made me smile!

  9. Eric Grunewald says:

    SNL started out great with Belushi, Ackroid, Newman, Morris, Radner, et al. Over the years it got more & more adolescent and tended to only appeal to the Beavis & Butthead crowd (like Sandler & Meyers, I’m afraid to say,) and there’s been nothing worthwhile since. But the random guest host can pull their cookies out of the fire and save them once again. Showing my age? Yep, and damn proud of it. This just shows what years of acting experience, terrific comedic timing, and a good sense of humor can bring to entertainment.

  10. Alvin Foster says:

    Betty White is gritty, smart and very, very funny. I, also, had not watched SNL for years but it was an absolute treat to watch Betty show her stuff. She did take them to school with oldschool.

  11. pamom42 says:

    Having been a Betty White fan since the 1950′s (yes, I’m a senior citizen!), I agree with pretty much everything that’s already posted here. Since I didn’t get to see much of the SNL program, I hope that for me, and for the many others like me, who unfortunately missed it, it will be repeated soon and frequently. Betty White is a prime example of the kind of talent, skill and training that used to be expected of competent actors, whether comic or dramatic. It is a sad commentary on the current crop of popular performers, that so few of them have the same kind of background. Our standards have declined over the past few decades, and hopefully this current exposure to such a gifted and outstanding person of perhaps, one might say, the “old school”, could possibly raise our expectations somewhat. And send a message to not only the SNL production team, but others currently turning out television programs. Thanks to Betty and her ilk for all the pleasure they’ve given us over the years!

  12. Gay says:

    I love Betty White but missed the show. I agree with Poolfarm. The language the comedians use turns me off. To me this is not comedy. The old comedy is the best. At least you could let your children watch it with you.

  13. Tom Tierney says:

    Yep, by cracky us’n old folks know whats funny.

  14. Ernie White says:

    I am a little older then you are age 67 & I use to watch SNL when it first came on & like you said they knew how to hit the funny bone back then.
    I did watch the Betty White last Saturday night. She has been on other talk show’s since then & before. she was on Jay Leno last night. Wed. 5/12/2010
    I have watched all the shows she has been in… She was at one time a good singer & dancer too… Very good looking back then not that she is not now…

  15. Dot says:

    I too haven’t watched since the old days and Betty White is one of the best. Even when she’s not smiling or laughing on the outside I always see a smiling face underneath.
    I love watching her, she is a joy.

  16. Susanne says:

    I have loved Betty White since I was a kid watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show before I even understood all the jokes and hope that when I reach her ripe old age and can be just as witty and active. It has been great to see her in recent commercials. I rarely if ever watch SNL and wish I had seen her so I will have to check her out on line.

  17. John says:

    You forgot to mention Chevy Chase!! I have not seen sat night live in years also, and regret I did not hear about Betty White until afterward. GOD BLESS HER!!
    She has always been top quality top class comedienne and actress.

  18. Evelyn says:

    I don’t think I have ever watched but one Saturday Night Live….but I watched this one. I love Betty White. She can be anyone they want her to be and you believe she is what she is acting. I don’t think I have missed any thing she was ever on….I watch her reruns and buy any DVD that she has been in. I think she is the funniest actress ever. I hope they make a collection of every thing she has done.

  19. w001jep says:

    Betty White, Carol Burnett, Harvey Corman, Mary Tyler Moore, Tim Conway, Ed Asner, Valerie Harper, Ted Knight, Dean Martin, Cloris Leachman, Georgia Engel, even Sonny and Cher (sometimes) – THESE guys were funny and still are. I watch the Infomercials for CD’s of their episodes and laugh out loud all over again. We didn’t know how good we had it then. SNL was wonderful with the first crew – have not watched in years. Sorry I missed Betty but saw her on an interview talking about it before it showed (sign of my age that I forgot about it coming up). I’m afraid I find what passes for humour these days as mean, petty, sophomoric and totally unfunny. I’m even glad to see the infomercials so I can really laugh again.

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