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OK, I promised in my last blog that I’d be in a better mood and have some fun. So, I figured, why not entertain myself by messin’ with your head a little. And I found just the YouTube video to do it.

Somehow, this guy got a set of four wooden balls to seemingly roll uphill. Magnets? Vortex? Aliens? (Hey, they always get in on my conversations, why should this be any different).

Well, take a look at what happens and see if you can figure it out before the trick is revealed. They got me on it, but then again, my kids trick me all the time. Just ask my daughter. She’s the one wearing the new clothes that I swore I wasn’t gonna buy.

Anyway, here ya go – well worth the 1 minute and 37 seconds it takes from your life. Well, unless of course you’re having a heart attack or something.

Cool or what?


15 Responses to “Just To Mess With Your Mind…”

  1. Poolfarms1910 says:

    Where is the video?

  2. Bob says:

    Injoyed them all…[I guess I really need a life.]

  3. ribers says:

    I don’t get it but it IS cool!!

  4. BONNIE says:

    has something to do with the polarity of he sphreres
    I think.

  5. Cherie Fruge says:

    Trick photography at its best!

  6. Collene says:

    I must not be the bright bulb in the pack, cuz I shure can’t figure it out.

  7. Victor says:

    Another one of those optical illusions.
    The ramps actually slope downwards, as you can see when they rotate the view.

  8. Robert Wurzburg says:

    When the square is rotated they are leaving you the impression that it is an optical illusion, the angle of the slides is reversed.
    In the second section, they leave you off with no such indication. Notice that they use wood, rubber,, and finally glass marbles.
    Wood is not a good conductor of static electricity, so how about magnets inside the balls? Rubber, and glass can be electrostat-
    ically charged to repel from the bottom of the slides to the center. Notice how they seem to be attracted to each other and do
    not fall back down from the top when they bump into each other. This must be part of the riddle answer.

  9. Glenn W. Bolsen says:

    84 years on the planet earth, and I haven’t a clue……

  10. Irenkè says:

    This is just a clever optical illusion. If you look close you can see the supports under the ramps are different sizes and angles. The ramps are different lengths too. So as you turn the platform around, you see it from a different perspective giving the illusion that the balls are rolling up the ramps, when they are actually rolling down the ramps. This illusion was voted the Best Visual Illusion Of The Year.

  11. Bev says:

    This is by far one of the most clever demo’s we have seen. It is of course the optical illusion of magnets pulling the sphere’s uphill.
    While in truth the demo is built with the ramps going down. As it is rotated in the demo, it’s apparent that the ramps go downward.
    Thank you for Messing With My Mind today,,, :)

  12. Taistic says:

    Like everything in life, it’s all a matter of perception. I looked at the picture and knew that what was being done, I just didn’t know how the ramp stands could appear to be shorter on the outside until the perspective changed. Then you really see how it is done and how one’s perception of time, objects, and events can be distorted with the right circumstances.

  13. Bruce says:

    84 years on the planet earth, and I haven’t a clue……

  14. Skeeter Raiford says:

    That’s a pretty neat trick if a bit crazy! lol

  15. Dave says:

    the center support is slanted. When it slants away from the viewer it appears to be taller and the balls look like they’re going uphill. When it slants toward the viewer it shows its true height and shows that the ramps are different lengths

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