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Well do you?

What is it?

Hi Everyone, Rose here.  I have another question for our readers – what is your hobby?  What do you do to help pass the time? What is the thing you do to help yourself relax?

My hobby is woodworking.  That’s right, I can pretty much make anything out of wood.  However, the current project is something for WorldStart.  See, a couple weeks ago we sent out a survey asking our readers if they would be interested in computer tips on video.  The response was overwhelming, so here I am starting to do my part by build a desk for Steve and Gary to use while they are taping the tips.

Wonder how in the world I got interested in woodworking?

Well it happened when I was in the 7th grade.  The junior high I went to in Ann Arbor had a woodworking shop.  Well, of course I took the class, and did not have any clue what do with most of the tools and machines in the room.

Well, I was a fast learner, though, and loved everything I was doing.  It was so relaxing, and figuring out projects and how to build them came very easy for me too.  There I was, a young girl who just fell in love with chunks of wood because you could make any thing out of them.

I took the classes all 3 years in junior high.  Then I got very lucky because when my parents moved to Toledo the high school offered wood shop.  I jumped all over it! Got to take the classes for the next 4 years.  By the way that is how I met Steve (yes that’s right we are high school sweethearts). Thanks to the public schools I got 7 years of training and my husband (who’s still in training, BTW).

So all these years later I am still at it.  I love it!  I make everything and anything.  I have more custom furniture in my house now then I ever did in the past.  I mat and frame Steve’s photos that we want up in our house.

The best part is Steve’s grandfather, who is 85 years old, likes to do woodworking as a hobby too.  So whenever he is in town for a few days we always come up with something we can make together.  How cool is that? I get to make projects with Grandpa so then every time I look at the finished piece, I think of the time we spent together on the project.

The one thing that amazes people is that I do not draw out plans – most of the projects are done from my head.   Makes it easier to adjust it.  Once I think I have it figured out,  I get started.  It drives people crazy because they just can not see it like I can when I describe it. I just say, “Trust me! It will be done the way you want it.

Yes I still have some of the projects from my school days.  Our daughter Becky has the wooden box I made in ’87.  The doll cradle I made my senior year of high school is sitting in the attic waiting for the next little girl to come along in the family to play with it. (No, won’t be from me!)  That is the great thing about hobbies.  A lot of your work will be around a long time to reflect back on and to be passed along to the next generation.

So here is my question to you  – What is your hobby or what you do to help you relax when you had a long day?

I can’t wait to see what you say.


PS -  I wanted to say I loved all the response on the construction barrels in your area.  I was laughing so hard at some of them, Steve came over to see what all the commotion was about!

68 Responses to “Do You Have A Hobby?”

  1. John says:

    Photography, 3D Photography, Art, Painting. See my website:

  2. Gail Silversmith says:

    I don’t get much me time but the #1 thing I do to relax is play bookworm on my PC. I also like to crochet, make quilts, do needlework, do hard word puzzles and read. Now if only we had 72 hour days, lol.

  3. Fred Adsit says:

    My hobby is ham radio. I have been licensed since 1948. I particularly like to communicate using Morse Code. It is not as obsolete as some people think. Lots of info about this avocation can be found in such places as

  4. Robert Brittingham says:

    A hobby is more important than many people give credit to. I’m retired after 4 attempts ponly with my spouse and we spend much of our time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we purchased a retirement condo 8 years ago. We were both engineers with the Boeing Company and then I spent another 15 years as an IT consultant before retiring finally took.

    My wife turned her love of cooking into a cooking school in Puerto Vallarta called Essence Of Cuisine ( which has been very successful and I turned my writing talents towards writing two Blogs, and providing travel articles to two PV English language weekly”s. In that way we never ask ourselves “what are we doing today?”

  5. John says:

    I started with one Orchid,(that my wife purchased for herself on Mother’s Day), and now.( years later), I just placed an order for 10 more. This brings my count up to 145,(not counting seedlings). Pretty soon, I’ll need Rose to build me a greenhouse …..

  6. Cherie Fruge says:

    My hobby is archaeology, so I don’t have anything around to show for it… One of my brothers does Wood working, too…

  7. Neal Houze says:

    I turn wooden bowls on lathes. I do solid wood bowls and segmented bowls. I have a large lathe designed strictly to turn bowls up to 26″ diameter, but have difficulty finding logs that big.
    I have restored antique furniture and have done a lot of carving over the years.

  8. Elanor Bagenstose says:

    My Hobby is crocheting and knitting.I make hats for winter for the Salvation army. and Xmas ornaments with candy in them and all of my Xmas gifts

  9. Robert says:

    Hi Rose,

    My hobby is cooking. It relaxes me. I’ve been a pro photographer for more than 40 years and when I started we had to mix all our chemicals (We used to call it soup). Today, if one knows how to measure, to blend and to mix, cooking is easier and also fail safe.


  10. Sharon Glen says:

    My hobby is machine knitting. Four of them are double beds. [400 needles]. I belong to four machine knitting clubs on the web.

  11. Ray Le Moine says:

    Hobbies… music -guiatar -fiddle -keyboard – bass guiatar – reading bible and trying to figure the truth.. reading novels; especially Robert Ludlum. assisting wife with her geneology endeavors, working on old vehicles, also. woodworking… got most of the gadgets in the garage, suppose I can make sawdust with the best. now I did not say furniture with the best, that’s Rose’s job. very best to all…. Ray

  12. Daniel Pruitt says:

    Rose, I do woodworking too. I have a full shop that I use. Right now, I’m up-dating the cabinets in our kitchen, which are 13 years old. My other half, to whom I have been married for 39 years, was bothered because she couldn’t reach all the way back in her corner cabinets, so I am enlarging the door to those cabinets. And, of course, I’ll have to re-do the rest of the cabinets because the stain won’t come out exactly right. Oh well, guess I need to do something to keep me out of trouble. My son also has benefitted from my hobby, with a dining room suite for his new condo.

  13. Anna Iannarelli says:

    I read to relax before retiring. I also bake often. It relaxes me. The cookies, cakes, pies, bars, candy don’t talk back. My family loves my baking. However, I don’t like desserts very much. I would tackle someone for a dish of linguine.

  14. Susanne says:

    My hobby is genealogy which several family members already enjoy so at first I did not see any point in taking up the hobby. My interest was sparked when my boyfriend asked me to trace his family tree. It is like solving a puzzle or mystery within each family and family unit. I have traced my own family tree, my boyfriends, and my friends. It is always exciting to find the new family member and solve the family mysteries.

  15. ralph blackburn says:

    TO, relax, i like to work on any thing i like music,keyboard,my wife,watch my robot run by the sun too clean my pool24/7,To see it ,solar Watch Old Movies.

    Ralph C Blackburn BYE

  16. Ruth says:

    I crochet, read books, play games, or watch tv. I like watching a good movie with my family. Sometimes it is hard to do that. I have a hard time getting into movies like I use to.
    Or sometimes I like to play games. Rather it be computer games or video games. Books help me to relax though. A Good Stephen King novel or even Harry Potter series. I also enjoy Crocheting. Funny how it worked. I did not learn to crochet until after I got married. While I was in school I like to sew quilts. Which my grandmother had taught me. But Crocheting. I discovered I enjoy that more. it is easier to carry the yarn and cut pieces then it is carrying material to cut. But I still want to make quilts too.

  17. Poolfarms1910 says:

    Right now my spare time is taken up studying the Bible to be a better leader in my church. I have worked with stain glass and building kaleidoscopes. I have not done any in years but hope to get back to doing in the future.

    • Vivian Haynes says:

      I am 84 years young lady and love to bowl on winter leagues. I might try the summer league also.
      I am going to do some painting on the lower boards that I can reach from my wonderful ladder that holds the paint can and etc. Think it is a Cosco I still mow my lawn and outside work. My lawn is so full of earthworms it makes the yard real bumpy but I have done it this year a couple times and got along fine. I love the computer also.

  18. Carol Steiger says:

    I have several hand work hobbies, but lately I have been learning to do patchwork quilting. I am really enjoying it. I also like to sew, and found some material in my stash that I bought when my girls were small. I have been making clothes for my 6 youngest grandkids. It is fun seeing their reaction to what they get. My 2 year old grandson likes to stand by me and watch me sew.

  19. Beverly Behnke says:

    I crochet lots, making baby blankets and afghans. My projects now are crocheting bags out of grocery store plastic bags. I have made several in all sizes including a trick or treat bag for my Great Grandson for Halloween.

  20. Carol says:

    my hobbie…I ridse my motorcycle, whenever I feel the mood, or I drink beer & listen to oldies in my backyard…

  21. Dwight says:

    Well , I like to play with ……. errr , wrong blog . LOL !! Anyhow , I like to play with wood too . And metal . And for fun , I play with PlayStation 2 . I get a kick of shooting my guns . I make my own stock for my guns , and some time , I would like to make my own barrel , that would be awesome !! I would like to find a ’57 Chevy Truck , and rebuild it . But , that will be hard to find it , as I’ll been looking for 10 years now . Right now I’m looking into finding gold . And meteors . There is good money in that . And , it’s good for you too , from the walking , and outdoors and all that stuff . You never know , you can find the biggest piece of gold , or a piece of a meteor when they hit the earth . Last two springs , a new one hit up in Canada , and left pieces all over North America . The biggest piece that was found weight a little over a pound …… or was it a piece of gold ? Anyways , going out and getting some exercise , and it you find some gold , or meteor , the more power to you .

  22. Jerry says:

    My hobby is Ham radio–I’ve had my license 55 years but still enjoy it. In the old days we built our own rigs in great big cabinets using radio tubes. Most of the younger years (BTW—75 yrs old) we all used CW code, you know, dah dida dit. I had one rig that dimmed the house lights when transmitting 1000 watts of radio frequency power, the same as many AM radio stations use today. Only problem was my signal blanking out everyone’s TV reception in the area. I reduced my power in the evenings so my neighbors could enjoy their TV’s even though the FCC investigation showed I had a clean signal. Just didn’t want a rock through the front window (LOL). I also spend some of my “rockin’ chair ” hours monitoring the police, ham, and weather channels on my scanner.

    My best,


  23. Ruth says:

    BTW. to show for. I am working on a Thomas the Tank afghan for my son. I also made a huge granny square afghan.

  24. Terri says:

    My hobby is making scale dollhouses and miniatures. I started out making 1″ scale dollhouses and all the accessories that go along with it. I use my computer to make “printies” (items that can be created using various drawing programs such as Photoshop, PowerPoint, etc) and can scale them to fit any size I need. Since I am running out of space to display my 1″ projects, I have come to love the smaller scales 1/2″ and 1/4″ scales with the 1/4″ being my favorite.
    I have been playing with other miniaturists from all over the world thru on-line conventions and parties since 1985. I attend several shows a year and take workshops whenever they are offered. I even teach classes to my local club and soon will teach my first on-line class.
    The best thing about this hobby is I get to use every kind of skill and use every sort of medium there is. Painting, woodworking, sewing, crocheting, working with clay, paper, building structures and even wiring for electricity. I am always looking for new ways to use standard everyday materials.
    I have had a show of my works displayed at several events. The best one yet was I created the entire office of our retireing port director, all in 1″ scale. I even had a doll made to look just like him. Then my work was displayed at his retirement party. It was fun watching people look at his miniature office and listening to all their comments.
    I love this hobby and if my husband would let me retire I would do this work full time especially since I just moved into my new, larger studio.
    Thanks for asking. I love to tell about my hobby and enjoy hearing what other people do for fun and relaxation.

  25. Marilyn says:

    I knit and crochet, but a few months ago a group was started in our town to make blankets to give to children and teens in stressful situations, be it illness fire, or family problems. We do some with fleece, or quilted, any kind that is washable is acceptable. It feels good to give back when you can.

  26. Reggy says:

    I did- and still do – woodburning. Used to go to craft shows, but not anymore. Learned it as a girl scout while doing crafts. Any unfinished wood surface will do. My table in the kitchen is decorated with woodburning. I make my clocks, shelves, wooden plates, etc…
    Most satisfying hobby. But now I spend most free time looking after my backyard and at the computer.

  27. Grandma Shirley says:

    I am an old great grandma and my hobby has been for years and years writing poetry. I write poetry for fun, for decompressing, for therapy.
    I write poetry and then I write more poetry and then I go on to write more poetry. I just can’t seem to stop writing poetry.

  28. Julie says:

    I have been journal-writing since 1965 (when I was a mere fetus).

    Journal-writing is one of the best ways I’ve found to cope with really rotten days or with the company of people who make a day rotten just by being a living, breathing, poison-spewing part of it.

  29. Collene says:

    I use to be a moderator on an online support group. That is how I found out about WS. I resigned from that and was lost met a friend that conducts thrift store tours. I have been helping her. The main thing is my computer. My son does woodworking, my daughter does knitting and crocheting.

  30. Evelyn says:

    I must say I have three hobbies. One is for Spring and Summer which is Gardening and the other two are Fall which is Cooking and Quilting in the Winter. I am one of those odd people who love to keep busy so my cooking creaps into my quilting during the winter and stumbles into my Gardening in the Summer. I love to experiment with breads, cookies and cakes; pies and candy. I cook my dog’s, Asher, meals and bake his treats. My husband is a sweet hound so I have to have sweets around for him to snack on and take with him when he is trucking. There is always family and friends that their children are getting married and having children so I keep their feet warm in bed with my quilts. Some might say gardening is a task but I just love the game of out witting the grass and weeds while enjoying the fruits of my labor. There is nothing like having fresh salads from the garden and fresh veggies on the table that I watched grow little by little…well except the radishes and they never have to be encouraged to produce. lol Isn’t it grand to be living in a free country where one can have a hobby and enjoy doing it. God bless our service men, past and present, that gave us this freedom we so enjoy.

  31. Donna says:

    I like to crochet in my spare time. I’m also getting into painting. I’ve taken a few Bob Ross classes, and am practicing the Donna Dewberry One Stroke technique. As soon as we get a new house with a garage, I plan to start making some of my own furniture.
    I like and have worked on most all crafts at one time or another.

  32. Mark says:

    I enjoy brewing my own beer. That’s right…brewing my own beer. Been doing it for sometime now. It’s great to crack open a cold one and enjoy it knowing that I can make a beer just as good and even better than the mass produced and even the microbrewed ones.

  33. Eric Grunewald says:

    When I need to relax I head out to the garden and plant or transplant something. Dirt under the nails is very therapeutic. And I compost
    everything I can, and spend time turning over & maintaining the compost pile. I started years ago growing grapes, raspberries and strawberries, and the grass area gets progressively smaller as the berry area increases year by year. This year I’ll again have a variety of pepper plants, potatos, onions, decorative gourds, tomatos, and squash going shortly in an area I reclaimed by moving all the raspberries
    to new raised beds.
    Also enjoy computers (most of the time, LOL) and built myself a new rig that cost more than 3 of my last four cars combined! (Okay, they were heaps, but it all adds up!) Now rebuilding my old unit and setting up a mixed home networkwith Win7x64, Vista laptop & XP Pro on a wireless system. And enjoy building & fixing mechanical things around the house, and cooking.
    So who has time for hobbies? I’m just way to busy for any of those!

  34. Chuck says:

    As long as I can remember I was a Circus Nut so you guessed it I began building Minature Circus Wagons. Even at 79 I still build them but only larger size. I started out in HO (1/8″scale), then I worked in O (1/4″ scale) and am now working in G scale (1/2″ scale). About 16 years ago I finished building in HO a replica of the Circus World Musuem (Baraboo, WS) circus train. I am at present working on the Cole Bros. Circus Stake and Chain wagon. What else can I say.

  35. Adam says:

    I am a collector of Celtic & Scottish by various artist. That is my past time. Sometimes when it is cool enough in Houston, I open my patio door & front door. People will compliment me on the songs they hear. It is type of music. I enjoy it. Most people don’t know the beauty of the Celts & Scotts music.

  36. DeeDee says:

    I used to have many hobbies like everyone else but then I got a computer and then I retired…now I spend my days researching everything and reading other people’s blogs.

  37. Susan J says:

    I love creating creating cards on the computer. Makes it more of a personal touch that family & friends look forward to.

  38. Bugsman says:

    My hobby is photography. My camera and I are inseparable. I like nature and landscapes mostly.

  39. lindsay says:

    hi , i live in australia and receive all world start correspondece. my hobby is collecting model cars and my collection has over 1200 models.
    i buy from all over the world but american fire engines are my favorite.

  40. Shirley says:

    I crochet or read when I have time..Since we retired my main hobby selling on ebay has become my job…Amazing how that happens..

  41. Marion says:

    Paper arts of all types

  42. Rose says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to first say thank you to all of you for posting what you do to pass the time or to just relax.

    I have enjoyed reading about everyone’s hobbies and I look forward to reading about all the other ones that will be posted after this.

    ~ Rose

  43. Patricia says:

    How I loved reading about everyone’s hobbies! Thanks, Rose, for starting this blog. Fantastic stuff! I am 72, love my computer which I built myself (under supervision in an adult class) and enjoy finding out more about the hardware side of it, as well as software, etc. Steve and his colleagues are a great help. Have pulled some apart and got running again for friends and family, and have a huge thirst to learn more – about all things as well as computers. Also knit colourful baby blankets, etc. Love exercise and the Great Outdoors – and people!

  44. Pat,also called Paddy. says:

    I live in Australia.I love detective stories and I am a speed reader.
    Another hobby is cooking,I am 75 and have only this year discovered slow cookers,so I am having a ball cooking.
    Also my daughter says I love this site too much, I buy a lot.
    But my rose garden is my passion.

  45. Betsy says:

    I’m a reader who began collecting cookbooks when I was in the 7th grade. I’m from a big family and learned my way around the kitchen at an early age. I even enjoy cleaning up the mess. I got hooked on clipart when we bought our first computer in 95. I started out making greeting cards and calendars and advanced to pins, magnets, and spinners.

    I’ve always enjoyed photography as well and really went nuts when I got my first digital camera. I printed, and printed, and printed. I have a ton of photos stored in my computer and use them to make memory books as gifts for friends and family.

    I am currently working on a family cookbook. One of my sisters is legally blind. I put together an EXTRA LARGE FONT cookbook for her many years ago and want to share those recipes and some new ones with the rest of the family.

  46. [...] Do You Have A Hobby? | Worldstart Blog [...]

  47. Gerry says:

    My main hobby is playing my Technic G100 organ. Music is a very relaxing hobby. In the summer I love to swim. I also enjoy playing games online at before I go to bed.

  48. Ed Golden says:

    My hobby is collecting ancient Chinese coins, some of which go back thousands of years. You learn Chinese History, the names and dates of dynasties, the rebellions, etc.

  49. Travis McCoy says:

    Cussin’ politicians.

  50. Granny Els says:

    My hobby is trying to raise tomatoes in earthboxes all year long. A sneaky freeze got us last year so will try again this next winter.

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