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OK, first an intro. My name is Rose, I’m Steve’s wife and I thought maybe I’d start doing a post from time to time. Hey, us girls need a voice too! So, here goes, my first post!

Happy Orange season to everyone!

Up here in northern OH we have 4 seasons just like everyone else. Although ours may not have the same name as yours. We have Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction.

So, Steve and I went out to lunch the other day and we noticed that the orange construction barrels are starting to pop up like tulips in an asphalt garden. Thousands up here in our area.

Don’t you just wish you were the one the that came up with the design and patent?  You be sitting on a beach in warm weather drinking Margarita without a care in the world.

Have you ever been so blocked in by construction barrels that you feel like a mouse running in a maze trying to find your way out of your own street?

See, one of our favorite lunch places has almost become totally impossible to get to.  Unfortunately for the owners, that restaurant needs to be taken off the list until fall.  I guess come fall it will feel like a whole new place to grab lunch.

Not that I am rushing to get through summer.  I am not sure where you live, but our weather is crazy.  One day it’s nice and warm and we are wearing shorts and the next day you are digging out the winter coats again.

So let me know how your area is.  Are you getting stuck at home or driving an extra half an hour just to get to your destination?  Or just simply put-  do you feel like a mouse stuck in the maze of orange barrels?


28 Responses to “Swimming In A Sea Of Orange Construction Barrels”

  1. Carol says:

    Oh, I hear you on the orange barrel maze. Here in SD we too have the same 4 seasons. The orange barrels and cones come out before the streets are totally cleared of ice and snow and are still on when the snow flies at the end of the year.

    • Deb says:

      Same here in Minnesota! I’m not only loving the orange barrels but whatever it is they put on the road to “patch” it up that ends up stuck all over my car!!!!

  2. Poolfarms1910 says:

    Have you heard the song orange barrels I wish I knew who sings it but you can call the Bob & Tom show and they will play it and tell you who sings it may even be able to find out on their web sit “The Bob and Tom Show”. I live in the Texas Panhandle its the same thing.

  3. Gin Cates says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion some of those areas are not construction sites at all, but is where they store their barrels on the off season.

  4. Lucile says:

    We have orange barrels in north Georgia as well! I agree that whoever invented them must be living in luxury now!! Our four seasons are a little different…..Winter (and it was a cold, cold on this year) – Spring – Summer – Fall….but sometimes it varies to winter then summer!!!

  5. Kicknbak says:

    There are some of us in the Ozarks that wish someone would get out there and put out some orange barrels. It would indicate that someone, if only one, was out there trying to do something about fixing the roads. ;-(

  6. Susan says:

    Here I live in Lincoln, NE, and the weather is always unpredictable. One day it is COLD and I shiver until I get blue in my face, and then next day I am sweating like a pig, and don’t think this is just a hot flash for I am way too young to have it. ;-)

    • Susan says:

      And I forgot to add something…I hope you will write more blogs, Rose, as I enjoyed this one.

  7. keen` says:

    From another Buckeye, i heard it referred to as OB GYN time orange barrels get on your nerves.
    At least it means we are not shoveling, at least here in OH.

  8. Carol says:

    In my next life I’m going to own a franchise for orange barrels, orange cones, barricades and (tah-dah) world’s best portapottys! Then I’ll patrol local streets reporting pot holes to our city office making work for all. You don’t have to be President!

  9. Cherie Fruge says:

    We live in the Valley of the Sun for a reason… Our seasons are Summer, Almost Summer, There are seasons? and Hotter than Hell or as my Significant Other says, Wind, Sand, Rain and Sun! He hails from Northern Ohio also… From the Akron area…

  10. Chuck says:

    I usaed to live in Minnesota and am very familar with those four seasons but I moved to Arkansas in 1994 and now ask What four seasons you talking about. Shorts are good here for 9 months of the year. What more can I say.

  11. Carriel says:

    Here in mid-Kansas, you cross river bridges to get from east to west or vice versa. So the powers that be never decide to work on ONE bridge at a time, but close several which are 1 to 2 miles apart anyway. As for orange cones, are you saying that in some parts of the country they are actually removed?? Here they are a year round, all weather fixture.
    I know for a fact that 54 Highway, or Kellogg as it is known, has been under construction since prior to 1949. Locals say that Hell will freeze over before construction is ever finished.
    They no sooner get one portion finished than they have to start all over again. One highway ramp closed merely a year ago for repairs. Closed again this week until possibly October. Go figure!
    As for weather, you KNOW you’re in Kansas when you run the furnace in the morning and the A/C in the afternoon!

  12. Sandy says:

    Oh how I know what you mean..Here in MI they put up the barrels and “fix” the streets so they can put down more salt in the winter and fix them again in the next Spring, Summer and Fall…must be job security for the workers!

  13. ellie says:

    I would rather have orange barrels instead of “road work next 80,000 miles…speed fines doubled” with no road work in sight, and
    the speed limit down to 40 mi/hr……and no notice when it ends… drive 40 miles an hour when you see a speed limit sign that
    says 70 mi/hr…..grrrrrrrrrr.

  14. Sharon G. says:

    Carol, I found the Orange Barrels at… You tube…Just type in the surch area there …Orange Barrels. OMG the song is funny.

    We live in N. Nevada and yep the barrels and cone are out all over the place and will be till late fall or early winter. Thank goodness some are working. But, it seem they should find a way not to block off areas so as to make it hard for people to not lose business, time are tuff enough, so hey every one try not to be part of people losing more money. some have had to close and that is sad. ;(

  15. granny e says:

    We live in S. Texas. We have orange barrels all year long. We go to Corpus Christi once a month to the Dr. We dodge orange barrels each time. The streets are getting fixed and the high bridge is getting cleaned. We have enjoyed watching the improvements. You leave early in case you have a problem with the orange barrels giving other drivers road rage.

  16. Norma Jean says:

    ‘WAY TO GO, ROSE ! Great job on your blog! Yeah, hated those orange barrels on Airport Hwy (and other main roads).
    That’s why we moved from Toledo to Michigan, about an hour north. Lakefront living is just great. We have about the
    same weather and seasons you do — just don’t have barrels to fight. We never put all of our sweatshirts away. Best
    regards and keep up the good work!

  17. Jennifer says:

    Rose i know what you mean. I hate when they deside to tear up all of the roads here in northeastern PA. Sometimes it’s crazy. especially when it is during the school year. Now the weather has been nuts here too. At least the weekend is supposed to be really nice, in teh mid to upper 70s:-) I hope that the weather is good there in OH where you are this weekend too.

  18. Creakyjane says:

    I’m going to search for that web site about the orange barrels. We here in Michigan will need a laugh. I just found out by a retired State DOT pal that the only paved road (M-57) going into Greenville, MI is going to have the East end of it torn up from May 2 to May 22. So what are we supposed to do? Drive to Belding to get onto M-91 or at M-66 drive either North to South until you can work your way West into Greenville? Michigan weather is odd because it can change every 15 minutes. So you have to be prepared for snow in June. It happened on my college graduation day. We were moved back inside. I was happy to graduate but not that we had 3 inches of what the weatherman called partly cloudy.

  19. Martin N says:

    Now that we have global warming, Albuquerque has orange barrels blossoming all year long. It has been several years since we have had permafrost in our shaded back yard. We have three seasons; heating, wind, and swamp cooler. It may be hot in the summer but you don’t notice it, there’s no humidity — ha ha, if you believe that. We rarely see 100, but 98 in the sun is still warm.

  20. Nancy says:

    Here in Florida, we have one season year round. It’s called Bob’s Barricades. A spot of orange can be refreshing at times! Wish “Bob” was a member of my family!!!

  21. Evelyn says:

    Actually I don’t think I could find my way from the North to the South without following the orange cones. lol If I ever started out on a trip and there was no orange cones and drums to follow I would have to look at the map to find my way coming and going. Have you ever noticed that the longest stream of orange cones or barrels are always on an long “S” curve site?

    South Dakota has 7 seasons…..Spring, Construction, Summer, Construction, Fall, Winter and Mud. Be sure and drive slow on those orange cone and barrel sites. The life you save might just be a young person working to get through College.

  22. Dick says:

    Despite the fact our desert weather doesn’t promote potholes, we have orange barrels and cones continually. The streets here is Las Vegas are constantly being widened. They say the city bird of Las Vegas is the Building Crane. And yes, I go out of my way to avoid them, because they block off half the street and create a lane going counter-traffic on the other side of the street.But since I don’t know where they’ll pop up I experience them at least once before I know what to avoid. The Universities of Colorado and Illinois have “Go Orange” mottos.
    One nice thing about the smaller orange cones: you can knock them over. In fact, most of the time you have no choice. Someone else has knocked one in your lane.

  23. Brenda says:

    I was born and raised in Ohio and thought that the Orange cones meant the start of spring! Well let me tell you, now that the military has chosen Germany to be our home for the next few.. driving on the autobahn I thought was going to be like in the movies; fast and never a speed limit or an orange cone!! HA!!! I was wrong, most of the Autobahn DOES have a speed limit and not only that, over here, those cones and barriers come out of nowhere. Literally you are going like 80 MPH, in a three lane highway, within seconds you are stuck, merging into ONE lane. Oh and that one lane is built to fit European cars, not our big American cars! Driving through it makes my fingers clench on the wheel, my back straighten and all sound from the backseat ceases. We have the same weather here as Ohio but sheesh, couldn’t they give a little notice on the Autobahn and maybe widen the road just a bit?! I’ll take Orange barrels anyday over being stuck in a 10 mile long traffic jam (because 8 of those miles are all big rigs, bumper to bumper, not even gonna think about letting you over into their lane). It’s a nightmare sometimes, I swear I’ll never complain about Orange Cone season

  24. Gay says:

    We have road construction here in WV. Instead of doing it at night which they could, they like to get out during rush hour when poeople needs to get places and hold up traffic 50 miles back. Everyone is going 5 mph. That is irritating. I pulled off once and got something to eat, sat there about 1/2 hr. and got back in the long long line. Maybe they want to show our tax dollars are working. Who knows.

  25. Rose says:

    Hi Everyone -

    I would like to say thank you for all the comments you sent in. I have laughed at many of them. I am just glad it’s not my little part of the country that becomes a giant maze of barrels. ~ Rose

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