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I wanna have some fun today. Not that I don’t have fun most every day, but this time I’m gonna drag you in on it too!

So here’s the deal. I have this nifty little SanDisk Cruzer 8GB Flash Drive and I’m going to give it away to some lucky guy or gal. Brand spankin’ new in the wrapper and everything.

How do you win? The rules are simple – just leave a comment below telling me why YOU are the one who deserves to win.

Easy as pie. OK, it’s actually easier than pie, at least for me, since I couldn’t bake my way out of a paper bag. Or something like that.

Anyhow, we’ll shut down the comments sometime next Tuesday around noon or so and pick our winner at random. Now, we’re gonna send you an e-mail when you win, so make sure you are looking for it, OK? If you don’t respond to our e-mail within 48 hours, you forfeit the prize and we’re gonna give it to someone else. Got it?


So, go on, click the Comments link below and tell me why you are oh-so-deserving of this amazing little flash drive.

Have fun :)


PS – Hey, by the way, we DO moderate comments to keep the spammers from tricking you into a lifetime supply of Viagra, so don’t freak out if you don’t see your comment posted right away. I’ll get to it. Promise. Right after my nap, and once I’m done walking the dog, and I think the cat just choked up a furball…

Where was I?

PPS – By the way, if you put a link to a website into your post in any way, shape or form, I’ll probably think it’s spam and toss it into the trash-o-la. Just FYI :)

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339 Responses to “Time For Some Fun – Win A Flash Drive!”

  1. Wendzs says:

    I have never had a flash drive but am now quite aware of how beneficial they are. Also, a very good friend of ours who was also our “tech support” here at the office (I work for an Orthopedic & Hand Surgeon), used to have one on his keychain. He was a brilliant computer genius and a great friend. Unfortunately he unexpectedly died a few months ago at the too early age of 32. I always thought maybe I should get a flash drive for my keychain, and maybe that would be fitting since I am basically the “tech support” now.

  2. Camille Sauvager says:

    I’m just leaving a comment because I trust you people enough to give you my name and address. An 8G flashdrive would be nice to have, but if you choose by great need, I guess I’m out too. (I just read “Sally”s comment above.)
    I’ve enjoyed the things I’ve bought from you, and look forward to what you come up with next. If my name is pulled, the drive will be put to good use. I love photos, and you know how big THOSE files are…
    Thanks, buds.

  3. Pat says:

    Steve, I am 76 years old and loving your news letter. Learning lots of new things. I would like the flash drive for storing lots of good memories for my kids. My husband has stage 4 kidney cancer and l kidney with stage 4 disease. We are trusing the Lord for healing but I just would like to have memories stored.
    Thank you for even reading this.

  4. Arthur Freund says:

    I should win because if I don’t, I will cry.

  5. George A. says:

    Hey who would not want a extra 8GB of space for music and pics. Great way to see who reads your blog — Thanks Steve

  6. Barbara says:

    Really need the flash drive. I don’t own one.I am 73 years old retired and have learned what I know from you. Love your tips and wish I could save them all. My grandson has so many songs on my computer, I think that is what I would use it for. Love your blog and all the
    bargins with World Start.

  7. Marjorie Gilliland says:

    I need the large flash drive since between my late husband and my self we have 6 children, 22 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren. So you see I get a lot of photos sent to me on the computer. Since I have somehow lost the ability to save things to disk, I really do need something to save all the photos to. I’m from south of Daytona Beach in Florida.

  8. Len Bobinski says:

    Hi Steve,

    I volunteer at the senior center teaching seniors about computers. We have loads of fun with the seniors since they are retired and just want to learn more about this ever changing technological society. So they sign up for our computer courses and then they can communicate with their kids or grandkids intelligently when the topic comes to computers.

    Having an 8 gig flash drive would help keeping our lesson plans organized.

    We use in our lessons for showing examples in using Message Boards and tell them to subscribe to your Computer Tips Newsletter and by following the newsletter on a daily basis they will learn so much more about the various aspects of computers. I think your newsletter is great and wish you’ll continue to make it available forever.


  9. Byron M Hunt says:

    I am retired and on a limited income. We can’t afford to buy products all the time. Here I am at 82 years and still learning about computer things. I would like to try the flash drive. Help the old man out.

  10. Pat says:

    I think I deserve to win this flash drive because I ordered the System Mehcanic and the anti-virus disc and it won’t work because I have windows 7. It will cost me more to send it back…thanks!!

  11. Lois L. Anderson says:

    Because I am a Canadian admirer reader and customer and I have subscribed to your newsletters for more than 5 years and look forward to opening your daily offerings and tips. I have ordered a number of items from your store over the years and will do so more as interesting offerings appear. I am proud of the fact that I am computer literate at the ripe young age of 85 years. I refused to be left behind when we hit the 20th century and hope to die with my boots on cruising the web.

  12. claybob says:


  13. Pat says:

    Hi Steve

    Writing you from Ontario, Canada.

    I would love to win a flashdrive. Being the computer illiterate that I am, I had to ask my 13 year old grandson what a flashdrive was and how it worked. Now that I feel a tad smarter (just a tad, mind you) I’m thinking that I could make good use of a flashdrive.

    Most of my time on the computer is spend doing genealogy. I’m hoping to eventually put what family history I have compiled together into book form, so a flashdrive (especially a free one) could probably prove to be a useful tool.

  14. Lou Podesta says:

    I believe I deserve the flash drive because i am probably your biggest customer. I am a 72 year old retiree who spends a lot of money at Worldstart, and that should be worth a lot to you. I also recommend Worldstart to everyone I meet when we talk about computers. You cannot buy the word of mouth advertising that I give you. That should be worth something !

  15. Robert says:

    Simply put after my last crash ans a new hard drive later. Which hurt being on a fixed income. It would be very nice to win. Have a great day.

  16. Lee says:

    Definitely need one to use to store my Exel documents that I do at work. Will be a good backup for them. I like the great deals on items you have. Keep up the good work.

  17. Jill says:

    Because I have literally thousands of photos which I would be able to store on the flash drive….I need it….pleeeeease???

  18. b.j.tyson says:

    My avocation is genealogy research…for my family, my friends, my town and anyone who asks me…and I do this for free. The information I find requires much space. I use flash drives to save the information and as back up to my very old computer. I have written several books on local cemeteries, listing obits and stories for all our friends and families who are the history of our small part of the world. Need flash drives to save all this history. Anyway, thank you for your website…I have learned a tremendous amount because of it. Keep up the good work.

  19. Bev says:

    I need this amazing little flash drive so I can save all the good stuff from worldstart…….

  20. Robert PV says:

    Have used flashdrives sent they originally became popular. I was working as a Sarbanes Oxley consultant and we were required to use them to transfer data to other consultants computers on site. These were ScanDisk Cruzers maxed at 256km. I now write for english language newspapers in Puerto Vallarta, MX., write Blogs and use one to transfer data between my 2 laptops and a netbook. A 8GB would be fantastic.

  21. busypamotherof3 says:

    this would be great for school. I would be able to store all my articles and show my students. portable and easy.

  22. Kitty says:

    That flash drive would be very nice to have to store pics,important info,etc,,

  23. Louraine says:

    I’m old and need something new to keep my mind busy. So I would very much like to have a flash drive. And the price fits my social security income.

  24. Zed says:

    After reading the other posts I am not so sure I should even post. I am 46 and going for a college degree for the first time. The last two “good” paying jobs I had closed. So I am a 46 year old pizza delivery driver with two teen daughters and a wife. (and dude no you can’t see pic’s of any of them.)My oldest daughter will join me in college this year. I started the first of the year,I am going for R.N.. I and my daughter both need a flash drives. She recieved one for christmas, old dad still needs one badly, and an 8 Gig flash drive would be ideal. Lots of notes, files, and tons of research. Wether or not i win it is groove you folks at W.S. gave us this chance. Thanks Zed

  25. douglasrjames says:

    why not me as i use the store more an dmore as needed

  26. lillian says:

    I have had more useful help than you know from worldstart. I would love this flash drive.

  27. Bud says:

    I’m 83 now and I’m still a Geek! I sure could use one of those 8GB Flash drives so I can save some of my good STUFF.
    Actually my 83 year old spouse writes a lot of stories for our Grankids and that would be a good way to save them. She still uses a floppy disc to save them.
    But you probably don’t know about those old discs…eh?

  28. Bud says:

    I’m an 83 year old Geek…my 83 YO wife could use one to save her stories she writes for our grandkids..she still is using floppy discs…hut I’ll bet you don’t know what they are. Her computer is about 10 yars old with win 98….ugh!

  29. Barbara Bannister says:

    Why should i win it do not really know except that I am to dumb to know how to back up anything
    I know it is a good thing because I have dealt with you for quite awhile.

    But I am not computer wise and I do manage to screw things up when trying to back things up so in reality I gather this would be the thing for me to own.

  30. Clive says:

    I’m just a poor boy out in Africa (South Africa) where we don’t see the likes of 8G flash drives. Can you get it to me in a flash? i can’t drive to you and collect it.

  31. J W says:

    I’d love a new flash drive – mine has just died!

  32. Elly says:

    Cause I never win anything, ever!

  33. Elly says:

    And also cause I read your stuff religiously! And order on occasion too.

  34. Marie says:

    I need to win because I so need and want one and I don’t have one. I’d like to carry photos to my 73 year old mother-in-law in North Carolina to put into her photo frame so that she can see her grandsons and the rest of her family back home. She lives all alone. Thank you ahead of time!!!

  35. Carol says:

    I think I deserve the flash drive because since I discovered WorldStart years ago, I tell ALL my friends, computer techies and non-techies alike, about your great deals, support and tips! Thanks for considering me. Carol

  36. Beki Chambers says:

    Why me? Why not me?

  37. Debi Martinez says:

    As a new cyberspace user, I’m ready for all the new techies out there. Bring em’ on.

  38. Dave says:

    I have been subscribed to your tips ever since I got a computer (early 1999,I think) , you guys are great. After having read some of these really good reasons for wanting the flash drive, mine seems kind of petty. I am unemployed, and have to watch every penny, and I wanted to use it as a birthday gift for my son. Thanks for being there for all of us over the years helping us to be better and safer users!

  39. Another Pat says:

    I’m a senior that is self taught in PC usage. I think I have some credit in my account, and I’m not sure how to use it. I’ve learned sooo much from Worlstart,and glad I stumbled upon it. Pat

  40. Robert Provencal says:

    I am 80 years young and live in a retirement community at Sun Lakes Country Club in Banning CA. and help older people with their computers that they have gotten into later in life. I use flash drives continually to transfer their files to new computers they may purchase. I do this as a service and need a new flash drive because I sometimes have to save the information I gather because they are slow to do the things they should. I really could use another flash drive to help me to help them. Thank you. P.S. I have been a subscriber and buyer from Worldstart for a long time and find your information and software extremely important to me in my work . Thank you.

  41. Robert Loudon says:

    Winning the flash drive would give me an easily accessable place to store all the wonderful tips from World Start in one place. Thanks, RWL.

  42. Rose says:

    I really would appeciate getting a flash drive as much as I enjoy reading your website everyday. As soon as I wake up and before my morning coffee I have to see what I can learn or buy today. Love your updated look. Keep up the good work. Rose

  43. RAY BROWN says:


    I have no idea what a “8G Flash Drive” is. However a friend of mine said I really need one and like I said, why I ain’t got a clue. By the way, what the heck does that “8G” stand for?
    The only time I ever “pulled 8G’s” was when I drove my 650TR6 Triumph off a bluff in the Sand Hills. That was one heck of a ride and a long free fall to the cow pies and cactus below.
    Anyway, my friend told me that IF I win this thing (the 8G flash drive), he will show me the what for’s and why not’s about it. So i guess I need one of these thingies and IF you see your way to award me one I will appreciate it once I learn what it is for.

  44. Mario says:

    Simple Steve. Cause I have 7.5 Gigs of files to back up!

  45. Dorth says:

    Because i don’t have one.

  46. Marie says:

    I would actually like the drive for a friend. He works so hard and will do anything for you. He does not have the means to buy a lot of music but he does come to my house with some blank cd-r’s and copies what he likes from what I have. It would be great if he could have a flash drive and be able go to other friends, who are willing to share what they have with him. It would be a lot better than using his cd-r’s. I know this would make him very happy. If you do choose another winner, I just decided, as I was typing this, that I will buy him one myself for his birthday, which happens to be next month. Thanks for the opportunity to win this for him.

  47. Sharon Hodgson says:

    I deserve to win because I’m ME

  48. Lou says:

    I am 73 years and have been reading E-Mail’s from Steve’s Tips for about 5 years . I can use the 8 gig stick for putting my many programs on to keep from cluttering my Computer. Lou

  49. Irene says:

    I see Ms. Hodgson and I think alike.
    I deserve to win because I’m special.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  50. Gigi says:

    Wow! It would be so nice to put all the graphics I make someplace besides my hard drive. Unfortunately, being on disability for the last 18 years has left me with virtually no spare monies to be able to do that. It would be wonderful to be able to clean up my hard drive and put all of it on a flash drive! Somebody gave me a 1 gig flash drive but that’s not really enough space to do much of anything with. Now 8 gigs would really help me out because to make room on my computer, I’m going to have to delete some of my work and it’s going to break my heart to do it. I don’t trust P2P places to keep them safe since a few friends of mine have had their stuff deleted for no reason at all on them. I would love to be able to keep everything I’ve made and if I were to win this, it would be wonderful!!!

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