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I couldn’t just let this slide by without posting my own opinion on the matter.

After reading Steve’s post (below) about IE9, I have to say that I TOTALLY DISAGREE with Steve’s opinion on this one.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that still use Windows XP. Heck, some of the computers in this office still use XP. While that may be the case now, this fact should have no impact on MS’s decision to no longer support the operating system.

Windows XP is, at this point, a very old operating system. Have you used windows 7? If you have, you know what i’m talking about. Windows 7 feels “new” compared to windows XP. It has much better performance, a lot better looks, tighter security and stability that I could only dream of a few years ago. By the time that Internet Explorer 9 comes out (2011), windows XP will be even older.

You see, I think that MS is doing the right thing by stopping the support of all things XP. MS should focus on the future, not the past. Continuing to develop software while having to ensure backwards compatibility will do nothing but hinder the evolution of computer technology as a whole. I know that this may sound a bit radical, but I strongly believe that forward progress is far more important than trying to appease some users that refuse to accept change for the better.

If you are still using windows XP when software starts to become incompatible, maybe its time to upgrade.


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30 Responses to “Rebuttal – Internet Explorer 9 Won’t Run On XP!”

  1. Pop says:

    I’m sure Gary is right in his assessment of XP and it’s impending doom.But…you know..having been an XP user for my whole computer life..I am reticent to leave it and learn a new opsys.I bought my wife a new computer 2 or 3 yeats ago that came with Vista as it’s opsys.It was trouble from day one until out of desperation I bought and installed a copy of XP.It took me a while to find and fix the bugs(Vista would NOT go quietly)but was worth the time,effort and reasonable price I paid for an after market(legit) copy of XP.As I think we all know..any new opsys will have it’s share of bugs and glitches.Vista had so many things wrong with it,I got tired of finding and fixing.WindowsXP has been a darn good opsys for a lot of years.My point is..Windows 7 sounds like the second coming but it needs to go through a trial period and work out the always present bugs and back doors before I’ll consider using it.It may only take MS a few months..perhaps a year or more to work out the kinks.In the meantime I have a working computer with a work horse of a tried and true opsys.Does Windows XP still have a need for occasional up dates.Yep…but the security up dates are fewer and fewer as the months go by.Gary is Worlstarts resident tech and from all I can gather..a darn good one.I’m not doubting his word..just leaving my oipion…=:)

  2. Paul says:

    I have a laptop and a home computer the laptop has windows vista which I don’t like at all every time I turn it on seems like there is an update for it .I probably will upgrade it to windows 7 which I really don’t have much choice don’t think I could find XP as far as my home PC it has XP and is a darn good computer it has a a Pentium 4 3.2gig processor DVD double layer support lightscribe plus a 500 gig hard drive just to mention a few things .I don’t think windows 7 would run on it but I paid a lot of money for it when I bought it a few years back there is no way I am going to toss it and get a new computer just to have windows 7 yes it would nice if I could afford to do that but I am poor unlike some people i like my pc with XP and I strongly disagree with Ms or anyone who thinks we should toss our old PCs and upgrade to a new one on the other hand I think its all about the money that’s what I think about the whole deal

  3. DENNIS says:

    I have used 95 98 me xp worked on friends puters with cough cough vista and that was a joke and the new one win 7 from what i have heard from others runs great but certain things u cant do on it like xp lol. getting to a poibt where is mac better is linux better then internet explorer. Why microsoft cant get there shit together seems like there just money hungry and cant get it right the first time. I run xp and current explorer but u do start to wonder why why why looking ahead is great but reality is NOW….. get it right the first time getting olddddddddd

  4. Chuck says:

    AMEN Gary. I’ve had both XP and Vista and am I glad I switched. W7 is so much better and faster than either of the othere two that there is no comparison. Those that are worried about learning W7 there is a book in print, which I use, named “Windows 7 Bible” byJim Boyce. This book is great for beginners and intermediate users as well. Also there are great tips on WORLD START that hav e helped a lot. I upgraded from Vista and I was given a choice of 32 or 64 and I chose 32 and it runs all my Vista programs except Print Shop. As far as kinks or bugs in W7, I haven’t found any yet and I have used Office 2003 including Frontpage and they all work great. I am now working CorelDraw 12 and it seems to work just fine. Of course this is just my opinion and experience that I have had. And for e-mail I use Outlook 2003.

  5. Collene says:

    I have 7 on my desktop and Vista on my laptop. I hated Vista and love 7. Hope I live long enough to see 10 or 11, if they are as good as 7.

    • Sharon says:

      Collene, I have vista in my office and Windows on my laptop, I agree with you, Windows 7 is the best, Vista is and was the worst release MS ever put out. I very seldom use my office computer, it is like the head of a snake, to be avoided…..hahahaha

      • Joe says:

        I was thinking of putting Windows 7 on my laptop since i haven`t tryed it on my computers but i have used it or more like tested it on some of my friends computers and i do like it. Still haven`t mastered it yet but i will as time goes by. As far as Vista When it was first released i really really disliked it but since they have worked some of the bugs out it is getting better and i like it fine also. I also think that since they will stop updating XP in 2014 Most people would be better of deciding which Operating System they perfer and get it and start learning……

  6. Eric says:

    I had a desktop with 5 years of upgrades running XP Pro that ran excellently for years, but only had the mfgr’s recovery disk and the one
    back-up I made. After a crash last Xmas I found both copies damaged & couldn’t be loaded. Since XP support was scheduled to end whenever,
    I “upgraded” by purchasing a new Win 7, based on the raves of stability from friends & tech writers. Compatibility problems galore! Had to replace my scanner & video card. Doesn’t have driver updates for many items. Doesn’t even play well with MS Office Pro 2000. I’ve had as many as SIXTEEN BSODs in a single day when trying to cut & paste, or trying to save a document or picture. In a single week I’ve had to
    reload Win 7 more times than in 5 years with XP. Got so ticked off that I went ahead and built a new top-of-the-line system. EVGA X58 SLI3
    Classified mobo with Intel Core i7-920 processor, (2) GeForce 9800GT video cards on SLI, (2) 1TB Hitachi hard drives on a RAID-1 setup,
    new DVD/CD writer w/Lightscribe, Blu-Ray burner, 12GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, etc. Loaded up Win 7×64 bit and guess what? Still get frequent BSODs. Am converting my old upgraded system back to XP Pro just so I have something reliable until Microsoft gets their “best ever”
    system to have similar program & driver support and proven reliability they’d developed over the XP years. Even Microsoft’s own products still
    only list Vista compatability on the retail packaging! Win 7 was released in the hope it would catch on and salvage their tarnished reputation due to the Vista debacle. Totally hype and corporate greed. Linux is looking better every day!

  7. Gay says:

    Gary, I have had xp on both of my laptops. On here they said I couldnd’t get adobe flash unless I upgrade to win 7. Ok so I tried even though I was a little reluctant to try somnething new. This Toshiba is a fairly new one. I can’t afford another. They said i couldn’t update on this Toshiba. My son-in-law bought this and gave it to me. He had it about a year. Now I have come to a conclusion I will do without for I will keep my xp as long as I can and i can’t buy a new one.

  8. Sharon says:

    Reading all the post, shows this is what makes the world go around, and good to see ever-ones opinion on the subject. I for one was glad to get my laptop with Wins. 7… I am 75 and so glad I am not afraid to try new things in the life, it is to short to not read, listen and try…WooHoo Seven is a breeze to work with it is the best of XP. I look forward to the release of IE 9

    BTW my new laptop is an HP with Intel Duo Core. Any way folks live it up… This old gal sure is… : )

  9. JazGram says:

    I use computers running XP pro and XP home with IE7, and Win7 with IE8.
    I am happy with all except for not being able to move toolbars into empty space in IE8. If MS ever fixes that capability, I will upgrade to IE8 on the XPs and give IE 9 a try on the Win7.

  10. Susan says:

    Sorry, Gary, I cannot agree with you very much. I am retired; am on a fixed income; life happened differently than planned. Now, I am unable to upgrade at every whim of MS.

    Please understand my cynicism in that it is always about the money and one-ups-manship! I understand the need to progress, but not at the expense of losing customers. It cannot be that hard for MS to include XP in upgrades, since they are such geniuses. It will be a long time before I upgrade anything and I am hardly the only one.

    Good for you, Sharon. You, go, girl!

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you susan, and yes I know where you are coming from, we had to make payment on my laptop, and we just paid it off, and it will be a long time before I would get another one. I hope life will get better for you. And yes I think at this time with so much going on, Microsoft should keep Windows EX updating, it is only the right thing to do.

      Have a great Spring Day, and a great weekend everyone. :)

      • Susan says:

        thanks for your kind words, sharon. so sorry for the delay; i missed your response. spring is here and i do wonder if ms will figure out how to get over this massive mistake. there are so many businesses, who in these economic times, cannot upgrade. best regards.

  11. CarolH says:

    MS should continue to support Windows XP based on the number of unemployed and the current economy. People cannot all afford to upgrade at this time. Lots of loyal MS customers supported MS and MS should support all their customers in these hard economy times.
    I have Windows Visa and have had nothing but upgrades. Had Windows XP and loved it. No problems at all. Just another opinion.

  12. Appollyon says:

    I still support Steve. MS sucks … I run Windows 2000 Professional on the desktop and XP Professional on the laptop. I will be changing to something that is more affordable … Open source – of course. Envisaging that MS is about to take a dive similar to Yahoo. Tada.

  13. Harold says:

    I think MS should keep IE7 in XP and not try to make more money by making people moving to Windows 7

    • Michael says:

      Oh I agree 100%! Thats apparently all it is too, making people move to Windows 7 thus more money in MS’s pockets. With the economy the way it is today, people are eventually going to get fed up with MS and make the move to a different type of OS, one that doesnt come out with a new version every few years. We call cant have the money that MS has to afford continually upgrading to new versions of Windows.

  14. Doral says:

    I have a new computer running Windows 7. I’m writing this on my old one running XP. Why? Simply because XP works better for me. I’ve had Win 7 for about 2 months and it has already crashed more times than XP did in 2 years. It’s slower than XP for what I do. I admit that it’s “pretty”, but that doesn’t feed the bulldog. As far as security is concerned, I take it as a given that Win 7 has a back door which can be accessed by all kinds of low life, and always run a good anti-virus program. I sure wouldn’t depend on $S to provide my computer security. Win 7 still won’t run my 3 year old Epson Stylus Photo 700 properly. I’m still working on that problem. I have a ton of programs that run on XP that won’t run on 7. I have perfectly good hardware that won’t run on 7. As far as I’m concerned Win 7 sucks and I sure won’t be buying any more Windows operating systems.

  15. Michael says:

    I cannot understand how MS can drop support of XP when so many mini/baby laptops are being sold with XP on them! I have a mini laptop, not even a year old yet and now I have to worry about XP support and which programs will or will not work with it?? Whats the deal with that? Why didnt they announce all this garbage before they allowed the mini laptops to come out with XP on them? Just MS’s way of getting more money out of the public, give them a new product then take away all the support on it after millions have been sold.

  16. Kathy says:

    Not all of us can afford to run out and buy new computers and/or a new operating system everytime MS creates a new version of Windows. I’v e heard a lot of good things about Windows 7 but if it ain’t broke why fix it? I can’t afford to buy a brand new operating system. I have two XP computers one is an hp tower I bought just in time for my little “ancient” 3 GB Acer Aspire bit the dust in late 2001. If they would just make it feasible to UPGRADE not have to buy a brand new program costing hundreds of dollars more than some of of us little folks can spare. My nephew built me a computer when Vista was first coming out and he told me point blank you don’t want Vista. So we stuck with XP. Now it’s Windows 7 an my understanding you spend several hundred dollars and have to wipe out your old hard drive to load it. Now my next question is will my older programs, my pictures and things be compatiable with the new system. SO for now I will upgrade when my computers bite the dust or I win the lottery. :-)

  17. radioman says:

    HI Folks:
    I posted previous to the Blog about this. Although my HP 4710s came with all the various flavors of Win 7, I am sticking with the XP Pro that
    was pre-loaded at the factory. It works just fine using a T9600 Core 2 Duo, 4Gb DDR3 RAM (bought with the intention of trying Win 7) and a
    320Gb SATA HDD. ALL my programs run just fine with this configuration, and I have no compatibility issues with every program I own, and
    then some I have installed since without any experience using before (like Visual Studio and other programming tools.)
    Sorry folks, YOU may want Win 7 with the particular features it offers. The jury is still out for at least a year more as far as I’m concerned,
    in all respects about security, compatibility, and use of Win 7 vs. XP both 32 bit versions, by the way. Same goes for IE 8 in my mind, much
    less IE 9 whenever it is released. I agree with most of the other writers, it does come down to the almighty dollar eventually, to make such
    a radical hardware and software break from the past with Win 7. Certified my eye as you will get burned more more than once!

  18. Irene says:

    I wish there was some way that Microsoft could read all of these comments about Steve’s Blog on 3/18/10 and now Gary’s Blog on 3/20/10 concerning “Internet Explorer 9 Won’t Run On Windows XP.” Seems like most folks are satisfied with things the way they are for now and can’t afford to keep paying to buy new products, especially when there is no compatibility with our older programs. People are having rough times financially and as one person commented: “if it ain’t broke why fix it?” Vista has been out for such a short time and look how fast Windows 7 is coming out. So when does Windows 8 come out?

  19. Lori says:

    I can’t stand Windows 7 or even IE8. I didn’t really care for XP but did learn to accept it. At least all my software/programs worked on XP. There are several that I rely on that are just not compatible with Windows 7 and I can’t replace the programs as they are no longer available. One program is Corel Photo-Paint 8 (yeah, I know it’s an old version but it still works great) and the other is Stomp RecordNow Max. The Corel program will install but won’t work and the Stomp program won’t even install. My issue with IE 8 is that I cannot click on the links in my email. I’ve tried toggling the protected mode on/off but it ends up locking up the browser window. And we won’t even get started on my printer or scanner issues. Let’s just say that even with a new scanner & a new printer, I still have to jump through hoops to get them to work properly.

  20. Robert Eber says:

    I am going to be 79 and I use (paid for) XP. It just is not so easy when you are on a fixed income to jump over to “new” software. Of course, according to the “death panels”, what are we seniors doing expecting that the World may think of us as useful and not to be discarded? I guess, like the software, we should let the World get away from us. Thanks. Too bad there are such poor software developers that keeping backwards usefulness is just too much for them. Obsolesence. You’ll be there shortly!

  21. Carole says:

    My problem is my desktop doesn’t have enought memory to support Vista let alone Window’s 7… what am i supposed to do??
    I can’t afford all of the extra memory it would take plus I don’t think my mother-board would accept any more memory. I have 1 gig
    at the present time. I too like many others think this is unfair for MS to do this to people who have been buying from them and using
    them for 10 years or more. Not all of us make enough money to be able to update everytime they come out with something new.
    Enough said on that subject. I love getting my WorldStart E-Mails everyday and I have learned sooooo much….especially from you
    Steve. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy the new blog also.
    Have a great day,

  22. jerry tom says:

    I so fed up with the mouse looking Bill Gates,and making us buy more and more of his products! I disagree with constantly turning out

    more new products! I can barely afford xp on my fixed income(SSI),and to made to shell another 500-600 dollars!! “Get REAL”!

    Now everybody cab go out and buy new computers,alot of us have to do our fixing and modifying our computers,due to nesscarly!

    Now why I should get that niece new usb 8gb stick! Just one reason,I am poor and good put to good use!!

  23. Thomas DeWitt says:

    I don’t know that I deserve to win the flash drive. I read because I choose to. And besides, I have a drawer (small) of flash drives.

    Thanks anyway,
    Thomas Dewitt

  24. Barb says:

    I would love to have an 8G flash drive, I have only the 1G and it’s almost full. This would allow me to save my entire HD on one flash drive and not have umpteen CD’s or DVD’s for backup

  25. Kathy says:

    I’m like many on here you can’t just run out and buy Windows 7 and pop it in and upgrade from XP OH NO you have to erase and load from scratch stupid if you ask me. Want me to upgrade? Make it feasible to pop in a disc and poof done. I’m on dial up internet, I live in the boonies a second phone line is cheaper than high speed internet for now. I heard nothing good about VISTA everyone in computers said simply it sucked. I was all eager to jump in and upgrade to it until I heard all the problems. My aunt is 78 and was forced into buying a new computer when her old one died it’s VISTA and she has problems getting the printers to print, it has a mind of it it’s own. She can’t afford to upgrade to 7 her money is tight and she can’t risk the costs. So why fix things that aren’t broke? I even like AOL and a lot of people curse and yell about it. I’ve never had any problems with it, it works fine and the support people are great. Maybe I’m just lucky lol.

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