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If you follow technology news the way I do, you probably know that the Apple iPad will be arriving at people’s doors on April 4th. There seems to be a lot of opinions on this new device and I didn’t want to be left out, so I’m going to share mine with you now.

Before I go too far into this, let me start out by disclosing a few things. If you are looking for someone that is an Apple fan, you’ve found him. I currently own a Macbook, an Apple tv, 2 regular iPods, an iPod touch, an iPhone and an Airport Extreme. Ive embraced the “Apple ecosystem” and my home is fully surrounded with Apple products.

Now, there is a reason for all the Apple insanity in my home. It’s not because I hate windows or because I think apple is the only company out there. It’s for one reason only: Apple stuff works great with other Apple stuff. For example, my Apple TV is connected to my TV and stereo system. My computer, iPhone and Apple TV are connected to my Airport Extreme. If I want to play some music that is stored on my computer, I can pull my phone out of my pocket and open the “remote” app. With this app, I can choose the music I want to hear and have it start playing on not only my computer, but also on my stereo system in my living room, too. The music will play from two places at once, filling my whole house with sound.

This is not a great technical feat, either. As a matter of fact, it required absolutely no setup at all. It just works.

OK. Now having told you all of that, let me get back to the iPad.

The iPad is essentially a huge iPod touch, right? It has all the same apps as the iPod and iPhone, it has the same features and it essentially does the exact same things, just on a bigger screen. When I first saw the iPad, I thought “What is the point of a huge iPod?” and kinda shoved it into the back of my head and decided that I didn’t need one.

Until about a week ago…

I was sitting on my couch watching TV and something popped into my head that I needed to look up on the Internet. As I would usually do, I grabbed my iPhone out of my pocket and went to the necessary website. I started trying to complete my task and quickly realized that I needed some more power. I put my iPhone in my pocket, went upstairs and got my Macbook. After getting the laptop I was able to accomplish my task in just a few seconds. After I finished, I got back up, went upstairs and put away the laptop. As I was plugging in the laptop it hit me.

I need an iPad!!!

What was I thinking?!?! If I would have had an iPad at that moment, I would have totally avoided having to go and get my laptop then go and put it back. I didn’t need my whole computer to complete my task, I just needed a bigger screen than what my iPhone could offer.

I think the iPad definitely has a place in the computer world. It fits right between the laptop and the smartphone. If you just want to browse the web or check email and don’t need the full power of a computer system, the iPad is the answer.

With that said, I will not be buying the iPad when it comes out on April 4th. For all of the times I’ve watched Apple release products, I know that this version of the iPad is only the beginning. After a year, they will release a new one and it will have all of the features that are missing from this one. One of them being a front facing webcam. In summation: I will be buying the second generation of the iPad.

Some of you may be reading this right now and thinking “I would never spend $600 so I don’t have to go upstairs and get my laptop”. I’m not arguing with you. You’re right. Spending that kind of money to fill a gap between smartphone and laptop is not for everyone, but it is for some people. Apple is taking a risk and assuming that there are enough people that are looking to fill that gap. So, I’m interested to hear, do you have a need for an iPad?


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5 Responses to “Is The Ipad A “Game Changer”?”

  1. Sharon G. says:

    Hi Gary,

    I have been watching about the iPad, and checked it out on the Apple web site. And no I will not be getting one this year as well, for the same reason you stated. We live in a one level home though and I go into the kitchen where my laptop is.
    But…. to plank down that kind of money at this time is a no go for me, and yes I think your correct, they have kinks to work out. Also I love my iphone and when they have free apps, that will work for mein my daily life, it is put in and used.

    Take care and have a great week :)


  2. Jane Todd says:

    Dear Gary:
    Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the iPad Apple is sending out. I use a lot of different computers and printers and the Apple is a good
    machine. I have had Apple computers before and I have just bought my first netbook for just note taking and checking e-mails. I think you are smart in waiting for the 2nd generation though…all the ‘bugs’ will be worked out of it. Thanks again.

  3. Cherie Fruge says:

    I’m not gonna part with good money to buy one… I will wait for many years for the trickle-down effect. I like that you can draw with it, but not enough to part with any hard-earned money for it…

  4. Kathy says:

    I don’t have any of the above mentioned products I am an antigue I have a Rumor 2 Sprint Cell phone, I have a desktop computer. I want a laptop but can’t afford one. I aam considering $100 to purchase my niece’s used Netbook. It would serve a purpose for now until I can afford a laptop. Maybe someday all the little techno toys will drop down like desktops have lol. Then us poor folks can afford them. Army retirement and convenience store pay make a living but not enough for techno toys

  5. fran says:

    The novelty will wear off soon enough. This is how the busines works: one year it’s a big tv, the next year it is a small tv, the next year a mini tv (which I have one). It just goes on and on big, small, 3D, small 3D. humongous 3d tv, etc, etc.

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