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You heard it here first (OK, unless you’re  cheating on us for where you get your cyberspace news)!

The next generation of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser will not, I repeat, NOT run on your faithful old XP computer.

This was announced at Microsoft’s Mix conference in Las Vegas, NV earlier this week while they were busy showing it off to the crowd. “Yeah, it can do all sorts of really cool stuff and well, by the way (talking really fast and soft) it doesn’t work on XP”

They say it’s built from the “ground up” to run on Windows 7 (and Vista if anyone is still running that by the time it gets released).

If you want more info, feel free to check out the FAQ on the “preview” site. Looks like you can even download what appears to be the  Beta of the Beta for this browser.

If your knee jerk reaction to this news was something like, “What the hell are they thinking?”, then you and I are pretty much on the same page. The BIG question is, if you use Internet Explorer and are running XP, just how long will version 9 be out before you can no longer get updates for version 8?

And once the updates stop, you KNOW the hackers will swarm in and discover a whole bundle of new ways to get into unpatched little holes. Soon, they’ll be no limit to the amount of viruses, malware, spyware, and all kind of other “wares” they can slip into your XP computer.

As an added bonus, XP users get left out in the cold for HTML 5. Why do you care? HTML 5 is the next generation of the “language” that lets web pages work. It will allow video, games, and cool new types of interactivity without ANY extra plug ins (like Adobe Flash, or MS Silverlight for instance). Web developers can’t wait for this stuff, so you KNOW you’ll see it sooner rather than later.

But XP users won’t get to play. Sorry…

See, MS says that most XP computers are too old to support HTML 5 anyway. True? In some cases, sure, but there are plenty of people running XP on Vista compatible computers that WOULD be able to run HTML 5, no problem. They just didn’t want Vista.

Can you get around this problem? Sure, run FireFox like I do. Give it a try, it’s not just for geeks anymore, ya know.

While the browser issue is bad enough, I think the upshot is pretty transparent by now – MS is using this to pressure users into upgrading. XP was simply too good – or at least good enough.

Things are becoming more and more web based, and it scares the poop out of Microsoft. Even for those of us here at WS, 90% of what we do is 100% internet based. I’m even typing this up inside of the online WordPress interface – no word processor required!

The time is coming when all we’re going to need to be more or less happy with our computer is a web browser. MS doesn’t like this idea at all, so since they have the world’s most popular web browser, why not make it mandatory to upgrade to Windows 7 in order to use it? THEN you’ll have a reason to upgrade.

Or will you?

I think Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even Google Chrome (OK, maybe not – Chrome kind of sucks), are going to find a whole new following. This is just the chance they needed.

Yup, I think MS just took out the revolver, pointed at their foot, and pulled the trigger.


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20 Responses to “Internet Explorer 9 Won’t Run On XP!”

  1. Kicknbak says:

    It’s a shame. As a long time user and supporter of MS, I feel they have/are cutting their own throats. In attempts to force new sales, they are turning faithful and loyal customers against them by replacing ideal products with crap (what else can I call it?). I loved my XP running IE6 so when it came to adding to my arsenal I elected on a Vista running IE8 with no hesitations. The result is, I don’t ever use the new laptop as, to be explicit, a real pain in the keister. But then I’m in a backwoods area where we don’t even have high speed internet available yet, so the cyber world is passing us by now anyway. With all the websites gearing to high speed now, our antique MS products are glitchy, volatile, and nerve wracking to use. They are not taking the time anymore to see what’s actually working before they cram the next unfit product down our throats. Now they are pushing Windows 7, and IE9 in a rush to cover their errors. Customer oriented, not anymore. And we the public do not forget so easily. It’s about the bucks. Why don’t they use some of those big bucks to get us all high speed internet before moving on? If they’re aiming at the new generation of buyers, then again they are leaving their loyal customers in the lurch, to search and find something more reliable for longer time period. Resembles the auto industry, does it not?

  2. Gay says:

    I have a Toshhiba. I can’t play farmville. It says you have to upgrade your flash player. I went to it and tried. It says you have to upgrade to Windows 7. I tried that. It says all kinds of stuff i can’t remember about not being able to on this Toshiba. Yes a lot of us still have dial up and you have to spend hours to download something to find out you can’t. Now that is disgusting.

  3. Chuck says:

    For me it makes no difference as I have !E8 and Firefox and W7. Yes I do miss XP a little but when you find all that W7 can do it is better than XP and actually do more. As far as IE9 I won’t install it and as far as XP users do the same don’t install it, keep what you have.

  4. Apollyon says:

    Yep! I could not agree with you more … MS is on the wain. Thats the only reason they are trying all these tricks. Having been around since DOS 3, even I am considering changing the whole shooting match. BTW I first heard about this from Infopckets (yesterday)

  5. Pop says:

    Holy smokes!!! I bought my wife a new computer a few years ago and she had sooo much trouble with Vista I finally reformated it with a bought copy of Windows XP.I’m planing on either buying a build your own or an updated version(motherboard,CPu,etc)of a Dell or Gateway for myself sometime this year.Probably will be a kit as you can decline an opsys and use your own.I have another bought copy of XP to use as it’s opsys which now seems like a white elephant.I am a loyal IE user…however..considering whats written here I guess I’m gonna have to install and use a different browser.I agree with Steve…MS has shot themselves in the foot and if they don’t get that foot fixed pretty soon..they’ll lose a lot of us to the competition.

  6. Irene says:

    I am totally confused now. I’ve been hearing for a long time that Firefox is better than Internet Explorer. I thought I was told I cannot remove Internet Explorer because it is part of Windows and it is used to get the latest Microsoft Windows updates. I have Windows XP Home Edition, Internet Explorer 8, and I use Firefox 3.5 as my main Browser. Everything is working great but it looks like I will have to eventually change to Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 when it’s ready. Also Microsoft will eventually stop updating Windows XP and it’s another reason to change to Windows 7. I am so comfortable with my present set-up and I don’t look forward to making any changes. I have very limited knowledge about computers and Worldstart’s Newsletters have been a big help to me. I love your new Blog and your writing style. Thank you Worldstart.

  7. Chuck says:

    You FORGOT MICROSOFT is to big to fail. If you don’t believe me ask congress.

  8. Jack says:

    I must take issue with your statement on Chrome. Chrome doesn’t suck. I use it at home all the time. There are some things it can’t do, like save a web page as a text file (handy for saving “print preview” pages for receipts of bill payment). But for general use, it does everything I need it to — at home — and it is stupendously fast.

  9. Dwight says:

    Gates wants to be the world’s most richest man , again . What’s next ? Vista won’t work , wait , it can’t already . I guess I’ll have to buy either Window 7 or , quit having a computer . Will FireFox work on XP when XP won’t work anymore ? I mean , XP won’t take IE 9 , and , as I run FireFox on IE 8 , OR , WILL FireFox still run ? Come on people ! I need answers !

  10. radioman says:

    This is the same situation with other software publishers now what Microsoft is trying to do. It started with Windows XP as the O/S, then most
    software vendors ended support for previous O/S, general exception being Windows 2000 because so many businesses still use it.
    Microsoft should have kept the XP user interface for Windows 7, and it would be easier to use while gaining more widespread acceptance.
    I still use IE7 with Windows XP, both Home and Professional Editions, because I like its options better. You don’t gain much using IE8 in terms
    of security. I use McAfee Site Advisor with IE7 and it comes close to IE8 in that regard.
    Although I could upgrade to Windows 7 from XP Professional in my HP notebook, problem is many software publishers claim compatiility with
    Windows 7 and don’t deliver it yet. Making IE9 incompatible with XP is foolish. What ever happened to the backward compatibility that most
    of us really need to keep using our current applications? It’s rapidly disappearing in the name of alleged advancement and the almighty buck.
    Microsoft got so many complaints about Office 2007 file formats being unusable to previous Office versions they finally released compatibility
    tools this past month (Microsoft Office Excel Viewer, Office Word Viewer 2003, PowerPoint Viewer 2007; Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel
    and PowerPoint File Formats) I highly suggest and recommend everyone download and install these tools to give yourself maximum flexibility
    and versatility. You don’t even need a version of Microsoft Office to do this. It works with Corel WordPerfect as a plug-in in some cases for an
    example. Visit the Microsoft Office website ( to get them.

  11. Mike Cunningham says:

    good morning al. I tried to swith to fire fox. i have so many questions about it. So i we back to get back my explerer internet 8. well that was almost impossible. Well after 1 hr i was able to. is their any better way. can you have both at the same time. Any help would be great. thanks Mike

  12. judi says:

    I have the same question as Mike. When you load FireFox, do you have to remove IE? Or does it just stay there in the background? Please clarify, Steve.

  13. judi says:

    What happened to Gary’s rebuttal?? Why was it removed?

  14. Les Arthur says:

    Mike Cunningham,
    I don’t understand your problems. To switch to Firefox, all you have to do is download and install it, and, if you desire, making it default browser in preferences. Your IE installation is not affected at all – it just is not the default anymore, but you can still just open it and use it as you wish without affecting either browser’s installation. So, yes, you can have both operational at the same time. I don’t know what you did to have so much trouble getting back to IE. Hopefully, you did not try to delete IE – it can’t be deleted from Windows since it is an integral part of Windows (same program operates navigation within your computer).

    Additionally, there is a plug-in for Firefox that allows you – while using Firefox – to use IE simulator for any web page that requires IE (such as some MS pages).

  15. Bruce says:

    we can always petition them we are the ones who paid there salaries then they leave us out in the cold they should continue support of windows xp because the company i work for still uses it and that is worldwide ,they should know we work for our money and cannot afford tp update computers every year

  16. ralph blackburn says:

    I am 87 years young,you guys are helping me learn faster because i started too late,your info. is very -very -very help full,i need all the help i can get.I am the old submarine man ww2


  17. Charles Gash says:

    I think I should get the prize because I have ordered more than 100 things from you.

    If I live another 10 years, I’ll be a 100 years old & still ordering your stuff !

    Charles Gash
    164 Friendship Cir.
    Joplin MO. 64801

  18. Dorothy Burwell says:

    I would love to win the Cruzer 8GB Flash Drive for my high school media center. Because we house four printers to work along with 40 laptops (that work most of the time), students are constantly having to carry their electronic projects from one place to another. The students are from an inner-city area so many do not have adequate electronic devices and if they run into any difficulty getting the project finished, they find it easier to just “give up”. We bend over backwards to help these student get the most out of their education time and try hard to help them “get ‘r done”.

  19. Peggy says:

    I don’t feel any more deserving than anyone else but I have never had a flash drive and would just love to back up my system so I wouldn’t have to replace everything when I have a problem and have to start over. Thanks

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