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So, I’ve been using Windows 7 for a few months now and I’ve had lots of people asking me what I think of it. Well, you know how some days you’re the dog, and some days you’re the hydrant? I have to say, I’ve been spending a lot more time wagging my tail than putting out fires since the switch.

And I think I’m starting to see a pattern too. Taking a cue from the above analogy we might even call it the “Dog & Hydrant” paradigm.

See, with Windows 95, ME, and Vista you were pretty much the hydrant – and you lived right next to a dog park. With Windows 98, XP, and 7, you get to be the dog. I mean, sure, there are days when things seem a little damp and you could swear the guy that parked next to you just got a ticket, but for the most part every other operating system MS tosses our way is good.

Dog, hydrant, dog, hydrant, etc…

So, while this pattern is probably fairly depressing for those on the Windows 8 development team, at least we have a sold OS with Windows 7. (Take THAT Snow Kitty or whatever feline OS name Apple is up to now – just kidding, I want to like Macs, just haven’t gotten there yet).

So far, Windows 7 has been solid. It doesn’t crash, seems to run smooth, is fairly secure by Windows standards, and bad lock ups are as common as 3-eyed unicorns. We’re running it on all the office computers too, and like the readers of this blog, it’s a winner (never hurts to suck up, right?).

It’s always nice when M$ gets it right. Sure, Windows Vista SHOULD have been what Win 7 is (and ME should have been XP, etc), but hey  – don’t think of it as getting ripped off every other OS, just think of it as paying twice as much to be frustrated half the time.

OK, I suppose I should start digging up a point here sometime soon, so here it is. If you are thinking about going from Vista to 7, yeah, do it. Total no-brainer. Vista sucks like a supercharged Hoover. If you’re running XP, then yeah, you should see if your computer supports Win 7 and give it a go. I can tell you that if you try an XP computer after a few weeks with Win 7 you’ll think you slipped back into the digital dark ages of dial-up connections and CD ROMs.

Oh, and if you want to check and see if your PC is good to go for the upgrade, MS has a program you can infect, err, install on your machine located here.

There, now everyone knows what I think of Windows 7. Advice worth every penny you paid for it :)


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21 Responses to “Windows 7 – Tail-Waggin’ Fun”

  1. Chuck says:

    I have only had W7 for about 2 weeks and I must say it is better than Vista, but of course anything is better than Vista. My only trouble is finding out how to do to change settings that I like. The real problem is there is no manual with Home Premium on how to even change your desk top or how to change text sixe and fonts, Icon size etc. It would be nice if Microsoft or somebody would write a book on how to things in W7. For instance I installed another hard drive to use for backup and I finally had to call the manufacture to help me get it formatted and on line.

    • Rich says:

      Hi To get to know the iner7. Take a trip to your local library, and pick up a copy of “Step by Step ” Windows7 or my favorite “Dummies window7 “, if you have a card chances are good you can order them on line and your library will call you when it’s in . Saveing you exrta trips. Once you have a chance to see which one you like you can buy your own copy and it will always be right there for that ,just in case time

  2. Startup Business Plans says:

    i installed windows 7 after windows XP and really feel very uncomfortable but after sometime it is very comfortable and i feel it very smooth

  3. Doral says:

    I just bought a new desktop which came with Win 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. Now I have a ton of software which I can’t use, all of which worked fine on my XP machine. I’m also stuck with some hardware that ran on my XP but won’t on Win 7 64 bit. And yes, I have searched for new drivers. Win 7 is pretty, but by the time I buy a bunch of new software and hardware I could have bought a new Mac for the same amount. I still feel like a hydrant.


    • Evelyn says:

      Doral, don’t throw your software CDs away. If you do not garden but know of a friend that does garden give the CDs to them. CDs are the best “scare crow” a gardener can have. The birds just don’t like them twisting and turning and glowing. Your seeds are safe and so are your tomatoes. As for your hardware I feel you have been really skunked with W-7. W-7 sent my hard drive to the trash can. Thank the Lord I have a good repair man. :-)

      • Doral says:

        Thanks for the tip about the software CDs Evelyn. As a matter of fact I have a big garden every summer … and I do raise tomatoes. I finally got my printer working, sort of anyway. Everytime I go to print something my monitor goes black for five or ten seconds after I hit the PRINT button. So far it has always come back on, but once in a while it flickers a bit before settling down. My video capture hardware is useless because it will only run on a 32 bit OS and neither the OEM nor M$ seem to be interested in writing a 64 bit driver for it.

        Fortunately I kept my old computer running XP and I’m using it for almost everything except email and music.

        I had a serious pain in the a** getting Firefox 3.6 loaded, but once I managed it, after the third try, it is running good. By comparison, Firefox 3.6 installed on my XP machine without any problem.

        I have read elsewhere on the ‘net that there is a 32 bit version of Win 7 that is more compatible with existing hardware and software. If that’s true I sure wish that M$ would have let us in on the secret so that we could chose the 32 bit version if we wanted it.

        At least I can console myself by remembering that I never bought Vista!!

        • Evelyn says:

          I didn’t get Vista either, Doral, and when I do I think I am going to buy from my Geek computer repairman. My hard drive went down a couple of weeks ago and had to have a new one put in. Here I was warning everyone to make sure they had back up and guess who lost all their goodies when the hard drive went down. lol I have an external hard drive now to make sure all my goodies wont be floating around in cyberspace somewhere. :-) I use to put plastic sacks on the post around my garden but they are only good when the wind blew and they puff up. I got the rabbits taken care of a few years back and mama snake stopped having her little ones in the garage so they quit scaring me every time I went to harvest something and my Eskie keeps the other varments away. I am so tired of this snow and am so looking forward to getting on my knees with nature. This has been a long winter. :-) Hope the CDs do for you what it did for me. Good to hear from another gardener.

        • Adam says:

          I installed Firefox 3.6 for a client on his new Windows 7 laptop, and it went on flawlessly… He was having redirect issues with IE8, so I put Firefox on there for him. It works perfectly… So I don’t know what was wrong with yours, but I’ve never heard of any problems… I’ll be installing Win7 Pro x64 beside XP Pro in a few weeks (hopefully) on my new machine, but haven’t gotten there yet… Still need a new HD and some RAM :P

    • Creakyjane says:

      Yes, Sister I feel your pain. The XP in the “man cave” would run Win 7 fine but…the “Man” of the “mancave” would have to purchase a new printer (which is an old one I would have recycled by now but he’s using it.) and new speakers and new ‘Gaming Tools’ needed to complete the monster he’s created. I have told him of this debockle in Win 7 and now he can’t wait, “Mr. Shallow Pockets” to save enough pennies to actually BUY the added equipment so the floor will once again vibrate when he blows away bad guys. I knew there was a dark side to upgrading to Win 7 on my computer upstairs. He has learned to FB and pick up his own e-mails. Thank Heavens I haven’t showed him how to use the printer or head set…I’d never get anything done!

      He love using the old CDs for skeet shooting and also to freak out the birds in the garden he has. We live in Michigan where every 20 minutes the weather can change and usually does. He is a wonderful gardener but these long Winter days are killing me until he can go out and putter in the garden again. So that’s why our house has a “man cave” or some people call it a furnished basement!

      With much sympathy,

  4. Eric says:

    Currently running 7 on my old XP Pro machine. Had to replace my scanner & get a new video card, and 7 won’t ignore the old on-board graphics controller, though it runs using it or the new video card. Frequently get BSODed when working in Excel or particularly Word and trying to cut & paste. Now building a new system (EVGA X58 SLI Classified mobo, i7-920 processor, 12GB PC12800 DDR3 RAM, (2) EVGA 9500GT SLI video cards, 2 new Hitachi 1TB internal HD, LG DVDRW w/lightscribe, and a Silent Pro M850 modular power supply) and will run 64 bit 7 on that, then plan to redo the old machine back to XP Pro. As to how 7 works, I still prefer XP. 7 wants to hide things or tries too hard to be helpful, and both are annoying. It’ll take a few more years of 3rd party tinkering and more driver support for 7 to approach the level of user acceptance that XP attained.

    • Deb says:

      I agree with Doral and Eric, I miss so much and would prefer the old ways to the new foo-foo stuff I don’t need. I miss my cursor, I miss my sheep pal, I just wish I could play my old games, I can’t get Cybershaman to run on here, and other really simple old stuff, just won’t work in W7, if I had known that I would not have switched. I have even considered wipeing this whole thing and loading my old XP discs on this new computer..then I could have speed and alll my old goodies I loved. It is supposed to be better, and it is, but it should not cost me what I had, I had it because I wanted it and used it. It will take years to get the drivers and what-all to make these things all work here. Games I had ordered and paid for and had at my fingertips on my desktop..not here, it keeps disappearing and I have to go through all of the finding it, re-registering…it is just soooo not necessary to be this difficult. And firefox has to re install every time? give me a break

      • Adam says:

        I have games that won’t run in 7 (I already know), so while I’m getting the computer setup with a 320 GB HD for OSes and a 1TB HD for data, I’m going to dual-boot XP/7 to begin with. I’ll add a third option to boot Linux, but maybe not right away…

        When I want to play XP games, I’ll boot to XP, but I’ll try to spend most of my time in 7 so I can learn it the way I know XP.

  5. Eric S. says:

    We bought a new laptop, with Vista installed, which came with an optional, free, upgrade to Windows 7. I must say that, after the short period of time that we used it with Vista, the move to 7 was a great relief.
    My current nightmare is my “upgrade” to Firefox 3.6, on my PC. None of the add-ons, that I had with 3.5, now work and the “Server not found” message is a never-ending cycle. Good luck to all.

  6. Creakyjane says:

    My HP had a motherboard meltdown and with the help of the product protection plan it didn’t cost me a thing. I also bought a netbook for keeping those tedious notes on those long meetings which came with Win 7 Starter. I was so smitten with the Win 7 Starter I had them replace Vista on my HP with Win 7 Premium. I am very happy with it and its only been 2 days since I got it back from the repair shop. Thanks for the blog Steve, it just makes me feel even better with my Win 7 purchase!


  7. Chuck says:

    As I stated before I like W7 over XP and Vista but I upgraded from Vista and was able to install W7 in 32 bit so had no problems except one major on and that is I can no longer check ink levels in my Epson Stylus PHOTO200 but can still print. All the old software from my XP and Vista is still usable except the Photo program I bought from WorldStart. Sorry WorldStart but W7 would not accept “The Print Shop DeLuxe – Version 22.” Hope they have version of this software that will work in W7.

  8. Dave says:

    Got a new computer for Father’s Day last year with XP because I refused to get one with Vista and W7 wasn’t available yet. Now I’m screwed because W7 won’t upgrade over XP without me reinstalling every single stinking program I’ve got and that’s a LOT! The guy at M$ should have been fired for coming up with this lame idea. Hopefully someone other than M$ will come up with a patch that will fix this bug and I can join the 21st century…

  9. John says:

    I have W7 Ultimate 32bit running on an older XP machine and I love it! It does take a little tweaking here and there but I have yet to come accross any programs that won’t run.

  10. Gerald says:

    Well, I was fortunate enough to have purchased a computer that later had a free upgrade to Window$ 7. After finding out that Internet Explorer was no longer available I went back to Vista. Incidentally, I have had no problem with Vista whatsoever. I know, Live Mail is the replacement email program but I have gotten so used to and dependant on Internet Explorer that I want nothing else. The short time that I was on Window$ 7 I was pleased with it. I sure feel sorry for those that spend the bucks to upgrade and find that it doesn’t suit them.

  11. Julie says:

    I bought a new computer just prior to the release of W7. It had Vista, of course, with a free upgrade to 7. I am comfortable with W7 now, but HATE the Libraries thing. It seems like I have to do a lot more clicking to get where I want to go. There was a great tip today on how to put folders in your Favorites in Windows Explorer. I put My Documents in there and now can quickly find what I need. I am running 64 bit and have minor problems with some programs. I was running Outlook 2003 and upgraded to 2007, and still have the same problems. I had a tough time getting the right driver for my printer, too, but that is fixed now. Windows 7 is very stable. I haven’t had any lock ups and have never (so far) had to press and hold the Start to shut down. But – I really don’t feel W7 is as easy to get around in as XP was. I think Microsoft tried to help me in too many ways that I didn’t want any help in.

  12. Judy says:

    I bought a new HP Computer (Vista) in December of 2008 and upgraded to W7 when it was released. I was happy with Vista but love 7! EXCEPT I love stationery and Windows Live Mail doesn’t. Also just bought a new HP printer (Officejet 6500) and had to download a new install to make the scanner work. It took over 2 hours with their tech to accomplish this. Since I am on the soapbox I will add some cheers for HP… If you are under warranty (original or extended) they will repair or make adjustments using Remote Assist. I have done this twice with GREAT RESULTS. Within two days of complaining about my DVD Burner they sent a tech 60 miles to install a new one at NO CHARGE! Do you get that service??

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