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And now for something totally different…

As the current health care debate rages on, it’s easy to think this is brand new territory with new arguments, new problems and new agendas. Ahh, but it’s all happened before. Just check out what former president (then just citizen), Ronald Reagan had to say about it nearly 50 years ago in a 1961 broadcast:

I don’t know where you fall on the debate, I personally think something needs to be done so those without health insurance can get and afford it. I honestly don’t think the plan the Democrats are proposing right now is the answer, and I’m not sure the Republican’s plan is 100% right either.

Wait, I know!!! I have a great idea!

Perhaps we need a summit where both sides can get together and come to some sort of consensus that the American people can actually get on board with. Oh, wait, that’s right, they tried that the other day. Instead of results, we got a load of posturing from both sides.

And they wonder why congressional approval ratings are in the political toilet…

~ Steve

16 Responses to “History Repeats Itself”

  1. WayneW says:

    Like it states in the video, “Once they get their foot in the door”.
    The dems are STILL trying to RAM this through.
    I don’t think the vast majority of people that voted for obama knew what they were voting for.
    Whether this particular bill goes through or not, people, we are in trouble!
    Even if, and way back when, we could afford this, it is/would’ve been a stupid antiAmerican deal.

  2. WayneW says:

    And thanks for the vid.
    I’ll make good use of it.

  3. Cath says:

    Hey, why don’t we make the Congress and Representatives have to have the same deal that the American Public will have. No free rides just cuz they were elected, and by the way, make them put into the Social Security deal too… I think things would get worked out pretty darn fast… if it was concerning THEM!!!!!!!

    • Evelyn says:

      We can’t make Congress or the House to do anything but what they want. We gave that right away many long years ago. We sit on our sofas and let it all go as the government want it to go. We now see our mistake and a good majority of America is fighting to get our rights as citizens back. Cath, e-mail your electees at least once a week. Let them know how you feel and keep reminding them they were elected to listen to their constituents. Don’t let them forget it.

  4. There is a lot to be said. The reason for Reagan’s speech have not changed. Social Security, Medicaid. has already changed. Kennedy’s last moves were to make generics unaffordable for the retired. An, example would be a $60 generic prescription went to $360 this year. I have been forced to take a brand name Gerd medicine that doesn’t work for me. Nexium is expensive, but it is paid. pantoprozole became unaffordable, though, in reality it is much cheaper!

    This was done in preparation for a government regulated Medicare plan. what is wrong with this picture?

  5. Betsy says:

    I could care less what Reagan had to say about health care. He was a snitch during the McCarthy era and in my opinion a lousy President. Human beings need health care. The insurance industry should not have the right to stand between doctors and their patients. Prescription drugs are another rip off. I lost a brother to cancer. One of his prescriptions for a 7 day supply ran $1,299. We stood in the pharmacy for almost two hours waiting for the cut throats at his insurance carrier to okay medication that was ordered by his doctor.

  6. Edward Golden says:

    I’m ready for single-payer (medicare for everyone). If you don’t think that the private insurance companies are going to bankrupt this country the way that the banks almost did just keep drinking that consrvative cool-aid. it costs 17 percent to administer health care through the insurance companies and they end up deciding who to insure and what the treatment should be and if they should pay their claims. They are the true “death panels.” It only requires 1 1/2 percent for the government to administer Medicare. Of course they don;t have to pay millions min executive bonuses. 17 percent of $14 trillion dollars (our GDP) is a lot of dough. I’d rather reduce this to 1 1/2 percent. Or, if we insist philosophically on a market-based insurance industry, perhaps we should put Toyota in charge.

    • Evelyn says:

      You have a point, Edward. But everyone getting medicare isn’t the answer. I would say that investigation of the Insurance Co. would be the way for the government to go. Besides…lol…medicare isn’t near the coverage as medicade and it is already available for those that do not work and even for those that don’t want to work. It is called Welfare and we already pay for this to exist. You get food stamps, utilities paid (this is LEAP) and medicade. We have paid for this for years therefore we don’t realize it is part of our taxes. The Country is broke and the big Banks are too. When the government can’t pay anymore and we are stuck with this Health plan it will be on us to pay for it all. Think about it. Go to your local Social Security Office and question them about all the free money people are getting that don’t deserve it because they don’t want a job. You ready to encourage more of these people to take advantage of the system?

  7. Dee says:

    I think that they should be looking at the pharmaceuticals, the attorneys, and the problem with the over, the border people who come here to have their medical care, and use the ER in order to have their ills cared for, or to have their babies here, because they can’t have it done in Mexico. This has put a drain in our health care dollars not to speak of other areas of our economy, but I will not go there.

    Those of us who conscienciously buy insurance for our families should not have to be expected to pay for a lot of these people, who, some of them, would instead buy a car, a tv, or drugs with the money that could be used for their health care. I know several people who don’t even want to work even though they are capable but instead get a monthly check just because they exist these are the people who scream the loudest. The person who is unable to work because they are ill, these are the people that we should carry but not the person who will not work. I am poor always have been, I am a senior, but before I spend any money on unnecessary things I have a list of things that I pay first no matter what else I would like to have. I have never been on welfare, on any system that gives me free food etc. I just know that some things are more important than others, that’s it!

  8. Gay says:

    Let me tell ypu. Social security for the aged is getting hacked all to pieces. My hubby and I are retired. We don’t have a big income coming in. Medicare takes out $96 for them from him and then $41 for the insurance company. Not only that, when they brought out the insurance on the people and forced it. People around here were cautious. Because they didn’t sign on time, they get $2.10 taken out a month the rest of their lives. Then you get so much you pay over the medicines and 40% over the dr. and hospital bills. This is just my hubby. I will sign up in April and the same will be taken out except the penality. But if I sgn too early or too late I will be charged a penality. You have a month window either way to your birthday to decide and sgn up for insurance which you can’t afford. If this is not communism, nothing is.
    What good is this insurance if you can’t afford to go to a dr. 40% may not sound like much to pay over a bill but if you have a $10,000 hospital bill that is a lot. I don’t know what all these old people on SS are gonna do. Some makes a lot less than we do.

  9. Evelyn says:

    The people that are on SSS can get Welfare which includes food stamps, help on utilities. rent and Medicade which includes medical care and dental care. But, I do agree with you about those that are of retired age are getting shafted. They can still hold down full time jobs and this is better than it use to be but it just doesn’t seem fair that those that of retired age still have to work because of the deductables they have to pay out of their Medicare. It seems as if it will not be long before the deductables and taxes on the SS checks will over come the amounts of the checks. And you still have to invest in insurance to help pay the medical bills. I wont go any further with this.

  10. Evelyn says:

    I just received this and thought you might be interested:

    Article from Dr. Michael Hill:
    Liars All
    J. Michael Hill – LS President

    The US government is broke. For that matter, so are the big banks. Why doesn’t the general public know this? It’s simple—they have been lied to about the real situation. What they’ve not been told is this: 1) that the Fed is buying virtually all of the US bond auction offering through a scam known as “Indirect Participation.” IP is designed to cover the fact that off shore purchases of US Treasury debt are being done with US dollars sent abroad for that specific purpose. This covers the hard fact that there are no takers for US debt and that the US is now forced to finance its own doomed spending spree. 2) The acknowledged national debt is somewhere near $14 trillion; the “off the books” national debt is several times that amount. Our rulers say that the national deficits for 2010 and 2011 will be between $1.4 and $1.8 trillion. That would be bad enough if it were true. But it, too, is a lie. The real budget deficits will be at least twice that large. Where is the money coming from to pay these deficits? Washington and Wall Street have three options, the first two of which are a) Continued borrowing (mainly from ourselves, however much sense that makes). Needless to say, this policy of creating money through the issuance of debt is highly inflationary. When this “money” finally hits Main Street we are likely to see hyperinflation; b) Much higher taxes and reduced services. Option c) is simply to default on the debt, partially (e.g. China) or completely.
    Those options all will be painful, especially when the real unemployment and under-employment figures are nearer to 25% than to the officially acknowledged 10%. Moreover, nearly all the States are facing severe budget crises, and the States can’t print their own money like the Feds can.
    The banks (and other big corporations) are in bad shape, too. But because they have been allowed by Federal regulators and ratings agencies to “cook their books,” this is not yet apparent to their customers, clients, investors, and the general public. One example will suffice to prove just how bad off the big banks are: the rationalization for the bailouts was to allow the banks to improve liquidity in order to get the Main Street economy moving again. But the big banks have hoarded these taxpayer funds rather than loan them out to intermediate and small businesses. Why is this? Simply put, it is because the banks needed every bit of that money in 2008-2009 to keep their balance sheets solvent. They were (and are), by any rational accounting standards, broke.
    As long as the US government and the big banks can continue to lie their way through this crisis, things will hold together to some degree. There may be lots of angry rhetoric from spokesmen for the public and an occasional violent act of desperation. But things will hold together. As Mr. Jefferson told us, people are prone to bear up under abuses until they become unbearable. But when the truth comes out and things hold no longer, the breaking will be hard.
    I have been told by some reliable sources that the Feds and their minions at the State and local levels are taking this “breaking hard” scenario pretty seriously. In other words, they are planning for the contingency that their illegitimate power will be challenged when things indeed become unbearable to the general populace. Because they are making plans to keep themselves in power and not take responsibility for their criminal lies and actions, I would suggest that you do the same in the name of preserving your lives, liberty, and property from the hand of this organized criminal enterprise. Oh, and help your friends and neighbors see through all the lies and obfuscation before it’s too late for them to prepare.
    Audemus jura nostra Defendere!
    Michael Hil
    President, The League of the South
    Killen, Alabama
    23 February 2010

  11. John Judge says:

    The problem [s] are not the Democrats!!!! Simply put
    it’s the lieing Republicans, Insurance Companies [How
    many Lobyest and Hundreds of Millions of Dollars have
    they expended to defeat Health care Reform, And of
    course the Pharmscutical Companies. If you really
    think for just a moment, the Monies spent by the
    Health Insurance and Pharm. Companies would pay for
    all uninsured citizens and all the Illegals in our
    Country. Realizing this proves these Companies and the “Scare all Citizens” Republicans are the trrue
    culprits behind efforts to reduce rediculous Monthly “Cost TO Live” . All I or any other citizen wants are
    to be able to pay our bills and be able to make a
    livable wage AND be covered for health problems. Surely you must see this and most importantly
    Acknowledge it. Oh and if you want to SHOUT IT OUT
    LOUD, do so indeed in the upcoming elections.
    TO Live” by

  12. “USA to China… Hey Brother, can you spare 20 trillion to get me through? China to USA… All your base are belong to us.”

  13. LOLO says:

    There are many LIES swirling around out there about the health care bills and the media for the most part is not doing what it should be doing to call the liars out and demand facts.

    Go to or or to check to see if the talking points you are hearing are even true.

    No one should watch/listen to just one news source. Fox News says they are fair and balanced, but are anything but. If you want to watch an entertaining “news” person who actually calls out the lies, go to the Comedy Channel and watch 30 minutes of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show or add another 30 minutes of the Colbert Report. These guys do have their opinions, but do not hesitate to call out both sides on anything distorted. They are also really funny and recently were rated #1 in trusted news sources!

    How sad is it that a comedy channel has a more reliable source of information than the real news?

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